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How To Manage Workplace Gossip

How to manage workplace gossip? Have you ever been linked with any of your co-workers or your boss in your workplace? If you are married, the issue would affect you more as your spouse may or may not take it easily. In such a case, how would you deal with it? If you are a woman, would you be able to strongly manage the situation? Yes, you can if you have the courage.

Are You A Victim Of Office Gossip?

How to manage workplace gossip? Sometimes, you might need to just come out of your comfort zone and face certain situations with courage. Once you do so, you can make a strong statement that you are against petty things and you will never tolerate them any more. If you are silent about such things then the gossips will soon be painted as real life love stories. Acting before petty things can affect your professional as well as private lives is important. So, you must speak out. How? Well, read on.


Clear The Tears

The aim of the gossip mongers is to distract you or affect you in some way. Let them not succeed in that. Wipe those tears and take action so that things will change forever.


Direct Encounter

How to address workplace gossip? Well, you need to address the perpetrator. This is the first action that must be taken. If you know the person, talking directly would help. It is better to do that when nobody is around. Such things should be carried out confidentially. The main objective of the discussion must be to explain the person about the damage that is being done to you on a personal level due to the gossip. What if you don't know who the perpetrator is? Well read on.


Hold A Meeting

It is better to call all the team members for a meeting. Whether you know or not who the perpetrator is you can hold a meeting and explain everyone how a gossip is affecting both work and peace on various levels. Explain how unhealthy it is to encourage such a culture in the workplace. Explain how productivity gets affected if gossip is allowed to spread. This meeting serves as a warning to the secret perpetrator and it would also put that person to shame even if you don't expose the name of the person.


Sharing Stories

Sharing stories is a habit of human beings. When that sharing involves positive stories then it is healthy in a workplace. But when the sharing involves personal lives of others, then it isn't healthy. Positive stories imply success stories which inspire others. When such stories are allowed to be shared, the productivity increases in the workplace. Explain the same to your team members and explain how to stop workplace gossip.


Be The Change

How to eliminate workplace gossip? First, be the change you want to see in others. Previously, if you had ever gossiped about others, then it is high time you change. Only when you stop indulging in such actions, others around you would take your words seriously.



Gossip is like a disease. It spreads fast. It affects lives. It affects workplace productivity and gradually affects the entire organisation. A healthy workplace must focus on productivity, progress and welfare.


After Effects

Soon, people will think twice before they indulge in gossips when you are firm and clear in your statement. Never be silent in such situations.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 4, 2015, 9:58 [IST]
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