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10 Things Your Partner May Secretly Wish To Hear From You

You may think that your partner doesn't fancy cliche and cheesy lines but this is not always true. Though your partner never shows the desire to hear compliments or some romantic lines from you, there could be times when they may secretly wish to listen to a few things from you. No, it is not about songs, quotes or poems. It could be something that involves both of you. For example, your partner may want to hear if they cook well.

The list is so long that you would be amazed to know about the things your partner might want to hear from you. To know what those things are, scroll down to read more.


1. “How Was Your Day?”

Asking your partner how their day is one of the ways of showing your love and care. You may not have any idea but your partner would often want to hear this question. The moment you ask their whereabouts, it shows that you genuinely care about what your partner is doing and how things have been going.


2. “I Am Always There For You.”

We know that even if you don't say, you are always there for your partner. You will always ensure that your partner doesn't land in any difficult situation. But then letting your partner know the same can do wonders. It is important that you communicate your love through words as well. If you see your partner upset or stressed out, just hold their hand and say that you are with them.


3. “You Are Doing Great In Your Life.”

If your partner is really working hard to make their career bright and making a better living, then don't you think they deserve an appreciation? You may not have any idea that even a small appreciation from your end can boost up your partner's confidence and will-power.


4. “I Am So Proud Of You.”

Do you know that your partner always does things to make you feel proud and want to hear if from you.Your partner would do anything to make you feel happy and proud. So, the next time you see your partner doing something great, cutting down on toxic people, coming out of their comfort zone, etc., just give a pat on their shoulder.


5. “Please Take Care Of Yourself.”

Even if you try your best to take care of your partner, you can still ask them to look after themselves. When you say so, this makes your partner realise how much you care for them., This will not only make your partner blush but also make them conscious of their health.


6. “Wow! You Look Awesome.”

No matter how many times you praise your partner for their looks, your partner would always want to receive more such compliments. In fact, there are times when your partner gets ready just to hear compliments from you. Therefore, how about telling your partner that they look awesome in their new outfit.


7. “I Fall In Love With You Every Time I See You.”

Who said that saying this line would seem a bit cliche? No matter how cliche it sounds, your partner would never get bored of hearing it.


8. “I Am Sorry.”

It is not that your partner always wants you to apologise. But if you have done something wrong, then you need to admit your mistake and apologise. This makes your partner feel that you are someone who values the relationship more than your ego.


9. “I Am So Lucky To Have You In My Life.”

If you feel that your partner is the one you have always wished for then let them know. You have no idea how your partner wonders if they are the one you wanted to be with. Your partner would always try to be the one who makes you happy and proud. So, if you are quite sure that your partner is the best match for you, then let them know the same.


10. “You Are a Wonderful Person.”

This is another thing that your partner would love to hear from you. Though all of us have flaws, letting your partner know they are beautiful and wonderful despite their flaws is a beautiful gesture.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 17, 2021, 17:06 [IST]
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