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Independence Day 2019: Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Family On This Day


How many of you are looking at a quiet and simple Independence Day this year? 15th August, 2019 marks India's 73rd Independence day and therefore, to celebrate this special day with your family can make this day really interesting.

There are infinite fun activities that you can do with your family on this special day. This special day needs to be celebrated in grandeur, so make sure you get dressed in the tri-colour and enjoy the day to the fullest.

Independence day is a special day indeed for every Indian as we are brought to mind some of the freedom fighters who laid down their lives for us. Therefore, we need to celebrate this day with honour and pride in our hearts.

On Independence day, it is a regular practice for us Indians to pay homage to our leaders and those who fought for India's freedom in the past. If you and your family decide to take a drive around the city, you will notice the bright tri-colour flag on government buildings and even on residential buildings and cars.

If you are not sure on what to do this Independence day, we have a bunch of 10 activities for the kids and you. Take a look at some of the Independence day activities we have lined up this year for you. If you have already planned to do something to commemorate this day, please do let us know so that we can add it to our activities list.

This Independence Day, let's celebrate with our family. Here are some Independence day activities for kids and family members-


Handmade crafts

Now which child does not love to get messy with paints and sketches? Purchase a white chart board and help your child in making our Indian National Flag. You need only four colours - saffron orange, white, blue and green. This Independence day activity for kids is special as you also get to spend time with them on this glorious day.


Television time

Another best Independence day activity for kids and you is to spend time in front of the television watching some of the best Independence Day movies. You can complete this family bonding while munching on popcorn.


Take part in the parade

To acknowledge and pay respect to our freedom fighters, you and your children can wake up early morning to watch the parade. This will help educate your children on how our fighters strove hard to get us our Independence. It will also help in bonding with your child.


Cook Special meals

This Independence day, one of the best ways for family bonding is by indulging in the best of home cooked foods. Husbands try your hand in the kitchen and help your wife make a special Independence day meal. You can also try baking a cake with the National flag on it!


Visit patriotic places

To honour our noble Indian fighters, take your family on a day outing, visiting all the museums in the city. This will help gain knowledge of how our country battled to get Independence for us.


Play patriotic songs

If you love music, go instrumental this Independence day. Play patriotic songs and sing along with your family. You can also rent DVDs which will educate you on our Independence.


Deck the halls with tri colours

To bond with your family, decorate your home with our National flag. The tri-colour will enhance the beauty of your home. You can also hoard the charts made by your kids on the walls and doors.



Bursting crackers to celebrate Independence day is also an ideal activity you can do with family and friends. Get together with family and close friends, and host the flag on your terrace. Sing the National song and burst crackers.



You can organise special Independence day competitions in the family. One such Independence day activity is the dress up competition. Dress up as your favourite freedom fighter and play the 'guessing game' or hold a competition for the 'best dressed freedom fighter'.


Family picnic

Do we need any other occasion to celebrate with the family? This Independence day, you can celebrate with you family by going on a picnic to a nice farm or resort.

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