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5 Types Of Love Relationships


Love has no language and no limitations. Whenever we hear the word 'love', we think it is about romance that couples share. Well, there is more to this strong word than just romance! There are various forms of love. It can be mother's love, friends love or love for an object! Lets check out the various types of love.

5 types of love relationships:

Types Of Love Relationships

Parental love: Well not all love stories are related to couples. There is a stronger relationship that you share with your parents. They are the ones because of whom you exist. Loving your parents is a type of love that every individual on the planet feels. It might be extreme or balanced. For example, a daughter is believed to love her father the most, whereas a son is more loving towards his mother. This is an ageless love that comes from the time we gain consciousness and increases till the time we die!

Friendly love: Apart from parents, we have friends. Buddies are the ones who are very close to us. These special friends share a rapport with you. This bonding builds a love between best buddies. You not only care for them, but also understands them. Standing beside your loving friends in their worst days and smiling when they are happy shows your affection towards them.

Love for God: If you are not an atheist, you will have a deep love or affection towards the Almighty. God is everywhere and this belief has made devotees love and adore the presence of the Almighty. Regardless of age, religion and gender, we all love God and are obliged to have Him around us.

Love for an object: I love this food or I love this dress are few examples to best explain this type of love. In this form, you can consider affection too! Loving or adoring an object that is special to you is a basic nature of a person.

Love for your pet: Love is not just restricted to human beings. Having a pet such as a dog, cat, bird, rabbit etc, makes you feel attached to the speechless living beings. While they grow in front of you, you certainly fall in love with your pet. You care, maintain, cry and laugh with your pet all the time. When you are not around your pet, you are always upset. You can call it a habit or love that has forced you to go to your pet leaving your work behind.

These are few forms of love that exist in the life of an individual. There are many others but, loving a partner is not just the end to describe the meaning of 'love'. Do you have love for something else? Share with us and express your feelings.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 21, 2012, 16:17 [IST]
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