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Reader's Story On Raksha Bandhan

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A Nagarathna and Puneeth
"There's no other love like the love from a brother."

- Terri Guillemets

Yes, this is true in my case too, and I think many others will agree with this saying. My brother Puneeth, 'is and always' will be special in my life. He is my best friend who knows me inside out. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, I would like to strengthen the bond of love with my brother by dedicating this article to him.

From childhood I have been always jealous of him. It's just because I felt mom love him more than me (thought it isn't true, as mother's love is impartial). From the day he was born and till now (and later too), he has been the attention seeker, though only after me. I was the one who stole everyone's heart first, and I was taken care as a princess. But later when he was born, the love was shared and attention, of course, went to the younger one. I was so angry and jealous of him.

I still remember, one afternoon, my mom cuddled him to sleep and had gone to kitchen for some work, I was in some other corner of home, I felt she didn't even noticed me. That day I wanted to take out all my anger, but wondered how. I ran towards him and pinched him; he woke up and started crying. She came running and held him, cuddled again. I was still angry and was staring both of them from behind the door. She came to me asked me, was that my mischief, I said yes and told her why I did so. She sat close to me, hugged and said that she loves me too and she wasn't partial to any of her child, and with her love, she cuddled me to sleep. I was thinking (though I was too young that time to think all these), I was so wrong and promised her that I shall never repeat such a thing again. When he woke up, I said sorry to him and started playing with him (he was just a year old or so).

We share our birthday on the same day. The funniest part is, when I wish him "Happy Birthday", he says, "Wish you the same". This was the luckiest part of our life. We both cut the cake together. Since we share same date of birth our likings clashes and we always fight for that, but end up compromising.

We fight so badly, and Mom will think we won't speak for a week or so. But the next moment, we start speaking to each other. He is the naughtiest boy. Once he had gone to play and unknowingly, came back carrying a dead (small) snake. Thankfully, that was dead. And whenever he went out to play football, he came back hurt. Seeing him in pain hurt me a lot too. Though I don't express this to him as my mom would have already expressed this from her side, I act being very strong.

Someone has said it right, "A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams." There are lot more things to share, but words are short to express. I just want to end it here and say, "Hey bro..., I am very lucky to have you as my brother. Though I keep pulling your leg, keep fighting for small things, I say mom loves you (mom loves me more than you)... I want to say 'Love you loads'... I wish you get all the happiness in this world and may all your good wishes be fulfilled, long live bro. Happy Raksha Bandhan."

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