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Top Heart Healthy Recipes | Low-Cholesterol Recipes | Easy Healthy Recipes

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This goes without saying that to take care of your heart, the most necessary step is to establish a healthy lifestyle and strictly stick to it. But what exactly does a healthy lifestyle imply and how do you achieve that without compromising and making life bland? A healthy lifestyle comprises of enough sleep, a simple workout routine (15 minutes walk would be great to start with) and, most importantly, a healthy diet. Well, a healthy diet does not mean churning out some whole grains and soya milk for the whole day and having a fruit salad for lunch!

In fact, switching to a healthy diet is easier than you think. Just add a lot of fresh leafy green vegetables and whole grains which will provide you with loads of dietary fiber to keep you full that is a low-calorie yet sumptuous meal. For our top heart healthy recipes, we are sharing our favourite low-calorie and low-cholesterol recipes which may surprise you with their amazing taste.

Healthy heart recipes or healthy recipes, in general, have a reputation for not being tasty enough for our taste-buds. And it is about time that we prove this statement wrong. The blend of our traditional Indian spices and a slow-cooked whole grain meal can be as scrumptious as a restaurant-quality dish and if you do not believe us, try our bajra khichdi or any low-cholesterol recipes, which we have given out.

For this article, we have accumulated recipes that you can indulge in throughout the day. For instance, to give your day a vital boost of energy, start the day with our green smoothie recipe and eventually move on to our low-cholesterol breakfast recipes and lunch. These recipes have our heart for not just being extremely tasty and healthy but they also come with various textures and forms, so every time you cook something out of this, you will be left with a happy delight for both your heart and tummy.

To check out our top heart healthy recipes, see the list below and tell us in the comments below what are the recipes that we must try next.

1)Green Smoothie Recipe | Summer Special Healthy Smoothie Recipe| Detox Green Smoothie Recipe |

2)Cauliflower Oats Tikki Recipe: How To Prepare Oats Cutlet At Home

3)How To Make Bajra Khichdi, A Low Calorie, Recipe

4)Low Calorie : Oats Roti Recipe

5)Low Calorie : Methi Oats Roti Recipe

6)Jowar Tomato Chilla Recipe: How To Prepare Millet Flour Tomato Chilla At Home

7)Soya Vegetable Mix Recipe

8)Moong Dal Kosambari Recipe: How To Make Hesaru Bele Kosambari

9)Sweet Corn Kosambari Recipe | How To Make Corn Pomegranate Kosambari Salad | Ugadi Special Easy 5-mi

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