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Early Warning Signs of Autism In Toddlers

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The moment you realise that your little one has autism, you may feel like you world has come crashing down. But it is important to move on with confidence to raise your dear one by providing all the support and care he/she needs. Diagnosing autism at an early stage has great importance in deciding the future of your toddler. The effect of autism differs in toddlers, some may have mild problems, while some others will have to struggle a bit more. Whatever it is, early intervention and treatment will make a positive difference to your toddler’s development.

Knowing the early warning signs of autism is very important in this context. For this, you have to assess the toddler’s social interaction, communication, and play behaviors at 14, 18, 24, 30, or 36 months of age. Because of their young age, early signs of autism may be a little difficult to identify. Go through the below symptoms that are commonly found in toddlers with autism. This will help you with an early diagnosis.

Early Warning Signs of Autism In Toddlers

No smiles even after one year: Note it unusual if a baby is not smiling or responding to the parents, especially to the mother even after six months. Chances are more that this will continue as they grow as well. This is one among the early signs of autism.

No response to sound: If your toddler seems to be in another world, not responding to your sounds and actions, chances are more that your toddler may have autism. Don’t overlook such a situation and seek medical advice at the earliest.

No words by 16 months:
It is normal that some toddlers start speaking a bit late. Try constantly to make your toddler respond to your sound. But, if your toddler is not trying to talk, not even using any words, it is time for you to get a detailed check up.

No social skills: Toddlers are at an age when they start studying the basics of social skills. But, if you notice that your toddler has not at all developed any social skills, or if he/she displays any abnormal type of behaviour, chances are there for a case of autism. This is a noticeable warning sign of autism.

Irregularities in activities: Toddlers with autism may show irregularities in their activities. They may not be able to follow the gestures of their parents, will not be able to understand the way to play with a particular toy and may not respond to visual and audio stimulations. This is one of the common warning signs of autism in toddlers.

Keep these points in mind. Diagnosing and treating your toddler at the earliest is the best way to support their development.

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