When Baby Starts Crawling...

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Toddlers are hyper-active. They are notorious and too young to understand things that are taught to them. You have to be really patient when your baby starts toddling. Thinking why we have mentioned patience? It is because your toddler has just learned to move around the house. This can be troublesome for you when you would be engaged even in household chores. So, there are few things you should be careful about. Here we give you few points to follow when your baby starts crawling.

Make him or her toddle more: When the baby starts toddling, you have to make your growing child start crawling more. Call the baby towards you or show something that tempts him or her to come near you and take it. For example, a sound toy is a big attraction for the babies. Make sounds in front of the growing toddler and see how he or she comes to grab the toy from your hand. Sometimes you might get frustrated by seeing your toddler going to any nook and corner of the house. There are few mothers who tie the feet of the toddler with a rope to stop him or her from roaming in the house. It is nothing strange as a mother only opts for this ugly option during a necessity. Do not do this. A baby starts crawling after 7-9 months and this is his or her body growth time. Make your growing toddler toddle more and more.

Baby Starts Crawling

Remember oil massage: Strong bones will prevent the baby from having diseases and other health problems. Before you bathe the baby, give an oil massage. Oil massage strengthens the bones and protects the toddler from knee pain. An oil massage also shapes the physical traits. For example, you keep massaging the nose and upper lip because you want the baby to have a sharp nose. The baby's bones are soft and so, oil massage is done to shape and strengthen them.

Remove objects around him or her: When your baby starts crawling, you have to be very cautious. Remove objects from the floor and places where your toddler can crawl. You will not even realise when your toddler will hurt himself or herself with these objects. So, remove expensive and sharp objects from the nooks and corners of the house. Keep them in closed drawers so that the toddler cannot open them.

Prefer floor over bed: Toddlers do not stick to one place for more than few seconds or a minute. Couples often keep their toddlers on the bed and this super cool toddler crawls in the bed but falls down. This is nothing unusual. So, you may prefer the floor instead. If your bed is 1-2 inch high, it is fine for the toddler to crawl. But, a bed which is a feet high could be risky for the toddler. Put the bed mattress on the floor and settle down till your toddler starts walking.

These are few tips or points that you should remember when your baby starts crawling as a toddler. It is an amazing exercise to see your child grow and toddle here and there.

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Story first published: Friday, June 22, 2012, 12:34 [IST]
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