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Toddler Activities For Fun Learning

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Toddler Activities
Often parents spend their time searching for things which can be fun and entertaining for their toddler. It can be different types of toys or games or even playful activities which add fun to the learning! For a great day, plan toddler activities which are well balanced. Mix both outdoor and indoor games, loud and quiet activities which involve active body and mind! Here are few toddler activities ideas to plan for the day. Take a look.

Ideas for toddler activities at home:

Craft: Many toddlers love to tear paper, paint on the wall or clothes. Use this liking on the crafts work and see their creativity. This game idea is loving for both the toddler and mum. Get some craft paper at home and colours. Make the toddler draw and paint on the paper. If they love playing it, teach them how to make a boat, plane and square boxes with the paper.

Rhymes with a twist: Toddlers love to hear and sing the famous 'twinkle twinkle' rhyme. Prepare the toddler for nursery classes by singing this rhyme and making your child learn it. The twist in the rhyme would be a dance or gestures to match with the lines. It can be creative and fun loving toddler activity!

Bubbles: Seeing bubbles excite all the toddlers and even elders. The urge to blow bubbles and pop them makes the toddler happy and is a great idea for activity. Even you can blow out bubbles and make the toddler jump around to pop them.

Collection: Take a look at what your toddler loves to play with. Collect those toys, papers, music books, batches or anything in a box and put it in front of the toddler. The excitement to learn and play with those collective items. For example, you can use the book to teach the toddler and make the activity a fun learning one.

Try these ideas for toddler activities at home and make their day exciting and filled with fun learning!

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Story first published: Monday, November 21, 2011, 10:56 [IST]
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