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Choosing Toys For Toddlers

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Millions of toys hit the stores each year. You may not be sure what kind of toys, or how many, your little angel should have. Here is a perfect guideline to help you choose the toys that are just right for a step by step child's development. Please note these tips are for kids of 2 years and below the age.

Child's physical development
To get the best toys for the toddlers, a parent or a friend should first understand baby's physical development, mental development and social development. After understanding these basic aspects , walk into the finest toys store in the city and

grab them the tools that will help them build themselves into finer beings.

Below is the list of toddlers physical development,

  • Most walk without support by 14 months and most walk backward and up steps by 22 months.
  • Can drink from a cup with help.
  • Can stack blocks.
  • Loves to climb
  • Can scribble.
  • Likes to dump, push, pull, lug, knock down, pile, empty and till.
  • Can kick and catch a large ball, by 2 years
  • By 2 years, can string large heads, turn knob, use screw motion.
  • Shows active interest in multiple small objects.

Child's mental development

  • They love playing in water and sand.
  • The baby is able to solve simple puzzles like combining objects with other, make simple block structures, uses simple stacking toys...etc.
  • They prefer moving toys.
  • Love to experiment with objects.
  • Loves to scribble on paper spontaneously.
  • Can imitate adults
  • Will be able to identify objects by pointing fingers.

Child's Social Development

  • Tries to do adult tasks
  • Most solitary play relates to adults better than to children.
  • Loves to look and react at picture books, likes nursery rhymes.
  • Enjoys interactive games by 1 ' years.
  • Shows preference for certain soft toys, dolls
  • Expresses affection for others.

The Toddler's toys

  • Tunnels for crawling.
  • Swings (pushed by adult) seals curved or body-shaped of energy-absorbing material with restraining strap.
  • Low climbing structures.
  • Chime ball, flutter ball or large balls that hey can easily lift and
  • Construction toys, like small lightweight stacking blocks, large plastic bricks or solid wooden unit blocks.
  • Simple floating toys
  • Bathtub activity centers
  • Soft-bodied or all-rubber baby dolls that can fit easily in child's arms. Make sure the stuffed dolls do not have whiskers, buttons or bow belts. Avoid dolls that are made of hairy fur.
  • Toy telephone.
  • Lightweight vehicles of a size for easy handling and with secure wheels, like push or pull cars and trains.
  • Steady walkers, pull toys on strings
  • Toys with special noise and action effects. Musical toys
  • Plastic animals

To keep your child safe at play, get toys that are safe for the child's age, well constructed and durable. Make sure the paint or finish of the toy is non-toxic, since babies put everything in their mouth. Check if the toys have rough edges, rust, sharp points, and broken parts. Don't choose things that are way above an age range in hopes of challenging the child. It will just be frustrating or boring and the toy may not be safe for a younger child.

Toys help kids to learn and grow physically, mentally and socially. Choose the best ones with the above simple tips.

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Story first published: Monday, January 7, 2008, 16:06 [IST]
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