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Newborn Checklist: Everything You Need Before Your Baby Arrives

If you have just turned new parents, then apart from the joyous and exciting moments with the newborn, you would also be feeling quite anxious and worried about what has to be done and what you would require to have with you for immediate needs. Being a parent surely does not come with a manual. There are always tried and tested ways. You are sure to have your ups and downs as a parent.

There is no right or wrong when talking about parenthood. We all wish to do our best for our little ones. However, what we learn from practice and experience is something that no particular book can teach about parenting. Each parent has a unique way of bringing up their kids. But when you have just turned parents, and just in case you do not have any guidance from the elderly in your family, then life could get a little tensed and overwhelming.

list of things you need for a new baby

The checklist of the things that you would need just after your little bundle of joy has arrived can be a life saviour. Many to-be-parents dedicate a lot of time researching and discussing with other parents regarding the essential items that they would need during the early months of parenthood. It would be great to have knowledge of all the essential items so that you can keep them ready at home and also carry some of the most needed things in your hospital bag. Read on to get a complete hands-on list of all the must-have items for a new parent.

Things to have during the early days with your newborn:

1. Feeding

When breastfeeding, you actually do not need any equipment for it. However, nursing mothers would find having the following quite helpful.

  • Burp cloths - When burping after a feeding session, infants could throw up a bit.
  • Breast pump - This can come very handy as a newborn would have milk only in small amounts and your breasts might start feeling engorged. This is where you can use a manual or electric breast pump to achieve instant relief from the pain of engorged breasts.
  • Milk storage containers - This is if you are using a breast pump. You can use containers to store your milk so that the baby can be fed breast milk in case you are away for a while.
  • Lots of bibs - Babies do tend to spill out a lot of milk.
  • Nursing pillow - This is highly useful to support your back and give you a comfortable feeding position.
  • Nursing bras - Buy one size larger than your usual bra size.
  • Breast pads - To prevent milk from leaking onto your clothes. You can use disposable or washable breast pads.
  • Cream or lotion for sore nipples

If you are formula feeding your baby, then you would also need the following:

  • Formula - Do check the date of expiry.
  • Thermal bottle carrier
  • Nipple and bottle brush
  • Bottles with nipples

2. Clothing

The quantity required might vary on your requirement and how early post birth of the baby you can head out to shop or if you have friends and relative who can do the baby and maternity shopping for you.

  • A mix of short and long sleeve onesies
  • Front button shirts
  • Nightgowns/ Feeding nighties
  • Sets of top and pyjama
  • One-piece stretchy sleepers with zippers
  • About 5 pairs of pants
  • Newborn cap and hat
  • Pairs of socks or booties - about 4 pairs
  • Mittens - about 2 or 3 pairs
  • Sweaters and cardigans or sweatshirts
  • Laundry detergent for washing baby clothes
  • Dressing up outfits - this could be helpful if you are planning a post-birth infant photo shoot for the baby
  • Receiving blankets
  • Swaddling sheets
  • Cotton wraps

3. Diapering

Reusable cloth diapers are environmental safe compared to the disposable ones.

  • Several dozens of diapers. If using disposable diapers, then use the newborn size.
  • When using cloth diapers, about a dozen waterproof covers.
  • Changing mat/pad
  • Diaper rash creams
  • Velcro or safety pins to secure reusable cloth diapers
  • Washcloths or disposable wipes

4. Bathing

  • Baby bathtub. Use a non-slippery one.
  • Baby soap and shampoo. You can use a head-to-toe wash to give the initial few baths to the baby.
  • Massage oil (for massaging the baby before bathing)
  • Hair oil
  • Shower cap
  • Soft, hooded towels
  • Soft-bristled hair brush for the baby

5. Bedtime

If the baby sleeps in a crib:

  • A soft crib mattress. Do not place soft toys around the baby in the crib.
  • Well-fitted cribsheets
  • Light blankets that fit in the crib
  • Waterproof crib mattress covers

In case you co-sleep with the baby:

  • A firm mattress
  • Waterproof pads/rubber sheets to place below the baby
  • Light comforter
  • Clean bed sheets

You can also consider having the following general items that can also come handy when you have a newborn with you:

  • Changing table
  • Rocking chair/booster seat
  • Medicine dropper
  • Basic medication (for fever, colic, cold and cough, etc.)
  • Baby thermometer
  • Playmat/playgym
  • Pram/reclining stroller
  • Rattles or other baby toys
  • Bath toys
  • Car seat
  • Nail clippers
  • Baby carrier
  • Sunshade for the car windows
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Diaper bag
  • Hangers for baby clothes
  • Basket to keep baby clothes for laundry
  • Pacifiers
  • Night light
  • A collection of good lullabies in a CD or audiotapes
  • Dirty diaper bin
  • Wipes holder
  • Insulated bottle holder to be placed in the diaper bag
  • Cradle or bassinet
  • Baby monitor
  • Humidifier

The above list has been created keeping the tasks and duties of a new parent in mind. The mentioned points are a generalized list of all the items that a parent would require once a newborn comes home. Most of the items covered here will sort out all your needs during the first couple of months after the baby's arrival.

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