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    From When Can You Feel The Baby Movement

    By Shabana Kachhi

    Being pregnant is the greatest joy in the world. It is that part of life where we women give birth to a cute little genetic copy of ourselves.

    The whole idea of nurturing a young life inside of ourselves makes us feel special. The whole pregnancy process is no less than a miracle. We wait patiently for the time when we finally get to see that face of our little miracle.

    from when can we feel the baby movement in the womb

    Women go through a lot of changes during pregnancy, both mentally and physically. From the time we receive the news of our pregnancy, we are constantly worried about the well-being of the foetus.

    We keep wondering about the health of the foetus and even wonder if the little baby is comfortable in such a little space. But nature has all the solutions to our queries.

    During pregnancy, our body is designed to accommodate the growing baby just perfectly. But, as and when the baby grows, it poses a problem to us mothers, especially when the baby starts the movement of the hands and feet.

    from when can we feel the baby movement in the womb

    Pregnant women are ever so paranoid when it comes to their developing baby. They always want to know if their baby is receiving the right nutrition in the womb and if the development of the baby is happening well.

    It is for this reason that women frequent trips to the doctor for an ultrasound to monitor the progress of the baby. There are certain parameters too that can let us know about the development of the baby.

    But the most certain thing that tell us that the baby is doing well is when he starts using his hands and feet and kicks around in the mother's womb.

    The movement of the baby around the womb has long been used as a sign to suggest that the baby is fine and doing well inside. Even before the advent of modern equipment such as ultrasounds and Doppler, women used the movements and kicks of the baby to monitor the health of the unborn baby.

    But when exactly should a mother start feeling the movement of her baby inside the womb?

    from when can we feel the baby movement in the womb

    What Is The Right Time For Pregnant Mothers To Feel Their Baby Move Inside The Womb?

    Studies have shown that a foetus develops the ability to feel a touch by as soon as 8 weeks of inception. Read on to know more.

    • In the 8 weeks of pregnancy, the foetus starts feeling the touch on his lips and cheeks by the amniotic fluid.
    • By 11 weeks, the hands and feet of the baby are developed enough and he starts exploring the area around his mother's womb. This is a great learning phase for the foetus, as it tries to make sense of its surroundings. 
    • The mother can feel the baby kick after 12 weeks. This feeling is described as fluttering in the stomach or popcorn popping. 
    • By 20 weeks, the kicks become prominent and can be felt by other people too. The baby starts moving more frequently, as he will become stronger by each passing day. 
    • By 30 weeks, you will be able to feel the exact position of the head of the baby from time to time. In fact, the movement will be so frequent and strong, that you will feel the shape of your stomach changing. 
    • Many women are not sure if the baby will continue kicking till the end. The fact is, the baby will continue kicking and moving even when there is limited space in the womb.
    • It is also important to note that the movement of the babies depend on the mood of the mother. If the mother is happy or excited, the foetus tends to move much more frequently. The baby stays still if the mother is under stress
    • Also, eating nutritious food will give energy to the foetus to move around. 
    • Though this may vary from mother to mother, do not be worried if your baby does not start kicking around this time. There just may be more space in your womb and you may start feeling the kicks once the baby starts getting bigger. Overweight women also feel the movements of the baby a little later.
    from when can we feel the baby movement in the womb

    It is important to keep yourself happy during the entire pregnancy period, as studies have shown that the foetus reflects the mood of the mother often.

    When you are happy, your body will release a hormone called oxytocin, which will also make your baby move in the womb. Remember, it will be fine as long as you are happy and stress free because 'happy mommy' is equal to a healthy and happy baby.

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