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    Advantages Of Wearing Toe Ring In Pregnancy

    By Shatavisha Chakravorty

    Ancient Indian traditions are one rich collection. It is from here that the science of Ayurveda emerged. In fact, many of the things that we disregard as a mere superstition actually have some very logical reasonings behind them.

    It is a well established fact that our ancestors were more progressive both spiritually and scientifically. They came up with ideologies and beliefs which were passed on for generations by word of mouth.

    Today, centuries later, with the progress of science and technology we are finally being able to realize the reasoning behind those rituals. All of this only emphasizes the scientific and logical skills of our forefathers and throws light on their progressive mindset.

    Today in this article we are going to discuss the significance of wearing the toe ring (or 'bichiya' as it is popularly called) on pregnant women. Most of us are well aware that this is a tradition that is often imposed on married women. We often end up following this ritual without knowing its significance. Read on to learn more about the same.


    1.Promotes Calmness

    Having a silver ring on one's toe fosters a soothing effect and calms a person down in times of stress and tension. Wearing it on a regular basis will enable one to keep her blood pressure in check. An optimal blood pressure, in turn, makes way for speedy conception and fosters a healthy pregnancy for the person concerned.


    2.Effective Blood Flow

    There are blood veins that directly connect the toe to the uterus. Thus by wearing a toe ring you are connecting with your unborn child at a different level which will in turn result in a stronger bond between the two of you when the child is finally born. Hence its use is encouraged.


    3.Acupressure Benefits

    As there is a direct connection between the uterus and the toe, putting appropriate pressure on the toe is bound to have good implications on the uterus. Since the uterus is the home of the baby, this sort of acupressure on the uterus will keep the baby relaxed and healthy.


    4.Good Conductor Of Energy

    The toe rings that pregnant women wear are usually made of silver or some other type of metal. All of us are well aware that any form of metal is a good conductor. Hence when a woman walks on the ground with a toe ring, the ring absorbs all the positive energy and transfers it to the body. Since the internal body part that the ring (or toe) is directly connected with the uterus, it is all the way more suitable for pregnant women.


    5.Improves Mental Health

    During pregnancy, the mental health of an individual is of utmost importance. At such a time having a firm belief that wearing the toe ring is good for the unborn child actually gives immense mental strength to the mother. This will make her happier which is surely a healthy practice.


    6.Balanced Uterus

    The reason why pregnant women should wear the toe rings on both their feet is to balance the energy that is flowing in. This will give the uterus the ideal condition to thrive which will be all the way more comfortable for the unborn child.


    7.Regular Menstrual Periods

    One of the major issues that women who try to conceive face is irregular menstrual periods. There is a nerve on the second toe that is directly associated with the regularity of your cycle. By pressing that nerve on a regular basis you ensure regular menstrual periods which are the first pre requisite for conceiving a child and ensuring a healthy pregnancy ahead.

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