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Advantages Of Wearing Toe Ring In Pregnancy
Ancient Indian traditions are one rich collection. It is from here that the science of Ayurveda emerged. In fact, many of the things that we disregard as a mere superstition actually have some very logical reasonings behind them. It is a ...
Advantages Of Wearing A Toe Ring In Pregnancy

HIV-Preventing Vaginal Ring Found Safe For Girls: Study
A vaginal ring that contains an experimental antiretroviral (ARV) drug, previously found to provide protection against HIV infection in women, has been found safe and acceptable in teenage girls, researchers claim.Dapivirine, also known as TMC-120, belongs to a class of ARVs ...
Hiv Preventing Vaginal Ring Found Safe For Girls Study
Reasons Why Married Women Wear Toe Rings
In India, wearing toe rings by married women is an ancient tradition. According to the epic Ramayana, when Ravana took Sita with him, she dropped her toe rings on the way, so that Lord Ram could understand where she had been ...
Ever Wondered Why You Wear Wedding Ring On The Four Finger
It's pretty much accepted that ring should be worn on the fourth finger of your left hand but have you ever wondered the reason behind this tradition? Why do bride and groom need to follow this tradition? Here's the complete story ...
Why Is Wedding Ring Worn On Fourth Finger
Tips To Get Rid Of Ring Mark On Finger
Wearing rings for a prolonged period of time can cause ugly and unwanted marks around your fingers. If ignored, these marks can become permanent. Therefore, it is best to treat the mark on the finger at the earliest. There are a ...
How To Get Rid Of Ring Mark On Finger
Best Celebrity Engagement Rings
With all the practicality in our life don't we all dream of being proposed for marriage one day by our prince charming? If you ask yourself, the answer is yes. The engagement ring which turns an affair, a relationship into a ...
Engagement Rings With Beautiful Diamonds
Engagement ring, a band which ties the two lovers in a more permanent relationship and from being a in an 'affair', two individuals become 'fiancee'. Though love is not subject to titles, none of us cab deny that an engagement ring ...
Diamond Engagement Ring Trend 010311 Aid
Cremation Diamond – An Eco Friendly Gem
The movement of Go Green, is now being followed in Diamond too. DNA2 Cremation Diamond, developed in the lab, with the hair of your beloved used as carbon source,reduces the harmful effects on environment caused by mined diamonds. This may just ...
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