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Here’s Why Women Wear Wedding Ring On The Left Hand

Have you ever wondered why women wear their wedding or engagement ring on the left ring finger? You must have seen several movies where the hero slides a beautiful ring on his lady love's finger. But, did it ever strike to you why women do not wear that special ring on their index finger or any other finger for that matter, except the fourth one? To make complex things simple, we have listed some reasons, check them out!

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The Ancient Belief Of Wearing Rings In The Left Hand

Legends believe that a woman's left ring finger is the only finger that has a vein running back to their heart. Wearing a circular ring in that finger symbolises eternal love and attachment with one's life partner. In Latin, the vein of the left ring finger is known as 'vena amoris' which means the 'vein of love'.

Perhaps people believe that wearing the engagement ring on the left ring finger will help the woman in developing an emotional bond with her life partner. Also, it is another way of showing that your life partner is the one who is closest to your heart.

Scientists may not believe in such theories, as they have found out that every finger is connected to our heart. But over the centuries, people have been believing and following the tradition of letting women wear their engagement rings on their left ring finger.

How Do The Brides Wear Ring In Their Ring Finger

Many brides wear their engagement/wedding ring on their left ring finger until they get married. After getting married, they usually put their engagement ring on their right ring finger. This is to make sure their left ring finger is free for the wedding ring.

Now it is up to the bride to either wear the engagement ring over the wedding ring or in some other finger. Brides who do not want to have a wedding ring, returns the same engagement ring to the groom a few days before the marriage, so that the groom can again put the ring on the left ring finger.

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However, there are many cultures and in countries like Russia, Greece, Columbia people wear their engagement ring on their right ring finger. Some people who do not feel comfortable wearing it on the left ring finger, they too prefer wearing it on the right ring finger.

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