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Why Smoking During Pregnancy Is Dangerous

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Smoking during pregnancy could be the most dangerous thing for the foetus, warn health experts. Current estimates tell that nearly 8% of the pregnant women are smoking all over the world.

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Health experts are worried as smoking may cause much harm to the developing foetus. For the sake of the developing baby inside, women need to stay away from this bad habit during pregnancy.

We all know how a man's sperm quality gets affected when he smokes excessively. In the same way, smoking during pregnancy damages the development of the baby.

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The main problem is that the harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and others reach the blood stream and affect the baby.
Now, let us know how smoking is risky when you are pregnant.


Risk #1

There is a risk known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This risk increases when you smoke during pregnancy.


Risk #2

Health experts say that the chances of still birth and miscarriage may drastically increase if you smoke when pregnant.


Risk #3

The risk of a premature birth or baby with low birth weight may increase when women smoke excessively during pregnancy.


Risk #4

The chances of having a baby with birth defects increases among women who are smokers.


Risk #6

Do you know that the habit of smoking may also influence the heart of of the baby inside?


Risk #7

The risk of suffering lung disorders may increase in the unborn baby when the mother smokes during pregnancy.


Risk #8

The baby may not get enough of oxygen when the mother smokes during pregnancy.

These are some of the risks of smoking when you are pregnant. It is time you quit the bad habit as soon as possible to avoid such complications.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 11, 2016, 13:01 [IST]
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