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Useful Pregnancy Tips For Having Normal Delivery

By: Rima Choudhury

Pregnancy is the most exceptional stage of motherhood which deals with ample of pain and gain. When it comes on the side of an expecting woman, it is really difficult to even think about the labour pain, and especially if this is for the first time. In this case, pregnancy tips for normal delivery can really help you.

However, many women have preferred delivering with C-sections over vaginal deliveries, owing to various reasons.

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While there is no proper method to know if the delivery would be a normal one or a surgery, here are some useful tips that will ensure you to have a normal delivery. Have a look.


1. Stay Away From Stress

The most important tip to remember while having a normal delivery is you should stay away from stress. Pregnancy should be all about fun and this is the period when you should not be stressed in any sense. A pregnant woman who is stressed can end up in affecting her health badly as well as this increases the risks of affecting the child. If you are stressed too much for no reason, you can consult a doctor for this and know the exact reason behind this behaviour.


2. Regular Exercise

Performing mild and regular exercises can help ensure a normal delivery. Doing mild exercises during pregnancy ensures increasing stamina in the body and also helps to keep you active. The strong thigh muscles are helpful in combating the stress of labour pain. Exercises like a deep stretch, aquatic pregnancy exercises, etc., can help to make your body healthy. These mild exercises should be done under the supervision of experts, so that it does not harm you as well as your toddler.


3. Check Your Diet

What you eat during the days of pregnancy is extremely important because it can affect you as well as your child's health. Food is the only means through which you can nourish your body as well as your infant's health. A healthy and well-nourished mother can beat the pain of labour during delivery, and it would promote having a normal delivery. You should nurture your body with important vitamins and proteins and also keep your body well hydrated all day long.


4. Use Water

Water is the only ingredient that can help to soothe your labour pain and aid in having a normal delivery. You can fill a tub with hot water and spend as much as time possible in it. Hot water helps to combat the pain easily and also aids in easy and natural birth. Other than this, you must focus on drinking more and more water.


5. Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercise is one of the important exercises that leads you to normal delivery without pain. Proper and adequate oxygen supply is mandatory for enhancing the growth of the baby, and hence breathing the right way is extremely relevant. Other than performing physical exercise, you must concentrate on exercises that include breathing.


6. Stay Away From Horror Birth Stories

A pregnant woman should refrain herself from horror birth stories because this can promote negative thoughts that may ultimately affect your pregnancy. You must stay away from people who push you towards depressing or unwanted moments. Try to read good bedtime stories during the day time.


7. Talk To Your Friends & Speak Out

You should keep yourself busy talking to your friends, relatives and neighbours. Speaking out things to people can help release stress in you and also you can share your experience with them. Sitting idle can lead to negative perceptions, which are wholly unhealthy for both of your health.


8. Consumption Of Alcohol & Tea Must Be Limited

Consumption of alcohol and tea or coffee must be limited while you are in your pregnancy stage. Excess intake of caffeine can result in low birth weight, growth retardation, and a miscarriage, at times. Eating fast foods have also been proven to be critical for children, and hence you must avoid eating them. Prefer consuming homemade foods rather than outside foods.


9. Parental Class

You must try to attend parental classes because attending parental classes can help to deal with the problems you might suffer from during childbirth and during last months of your pregnancy. Generally, you have experts taking the parental classes, so you can openly share the problems faced on a daily basis. Along with this, they will also tell you about the right exercise that can ease the pain during childbirth.


10. Walking

You should keep walking during the pregnancy stages because living a healthy and active lifestyle can give you a good pregnancy time. Walking during your pregnancy stages can help deal with lethargy or fatigue in a person. If you feel uncomfortable while doing so, try walking short distances for a few minutes.

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