Risk Of Wearing Heels During Pregnancy

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Although women are tempted to wear heels, wearing heels during pregnancy is a thing that women should totally refrain from doing. Wearing heels during pregnancy can have unpleasant effects on both the unborn baby and the mother.

The hormonal flow increases in pregnancy and as a result of this the muscles stretch. Therefore, wearing heels during pregnancy can cause a lot of discomfort to the lady at a later point.

Hence, it is more advisable to wear flats during pregnancy, as these are comfortable and don't harm in the body in any way. High heels provide less support and are also very difficult to balance when worn.

Wearing high heels can cause back pain and sore feet. It can also minimise the flow of blood to the body parts. Likewise, high heels affect the health in many ways during pregnancy. Read on to know more about the health effects of wearing high heels during the first trimester.

Risk Of Wearing Heels During Pregnancy

Calf Cramps: Wearing heels for a longer period of time can lead to contraction in the calf muscles. This further gives rise to cramps in the muscles that can be aggravated during pregnancy. This can add on to further discomfort than what a pregnant lady is already undergoing.

Back Pain: Back pain is a common symptom during pregnancy; however, this pain can be increased more by using heels. Not just that, it also alters the posture and is likely to give a rounder shape at the back.

Risk Of Wearing Heels During Pregnancy

Less Balance: The angle strength is likely to reduce due to excess weight and hormonal changes that happen in the body. While wearing heels, there is a high probability of losing balance of the body that may cause injury to the unborn baby.

Stretched Muscles: The ligaments of ankles and calf loosen because of certain pregnancy-induced hormones. This can further lead to stretching of the muscles in the feet region, thereby causing pain and inflammation of the feet.

Miscarriage: There is also a risk of a miscarriage due to the risk of twisting or falling because of high heels. It could also cause the swelling of feet, legs and ankles with immense pain being felt in the lower abdomen region.

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