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Things Pregnant Women Should Not Do Past Their Due Date

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Finally, after waiting and suffering for nine long months, your baby is due. You begin to patiently wait for the labour pains to kick in, but the due date passes by, not showing one any signs of labour.

In moments like these, a pregnant woman can get really frustrated and in turn she can do anything in her might just to induce labour and give birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Experts state that when a woman passes the due date of her delivery, she should take it easy at least for the next 2 weeks past the date. If she again fails to go into labour, a cesarean is performed.

Things Pregnant Women Should Not Do

However, in those few weeks post due date, a pregnant woman should not undergo any kind of stress. She must avoid going into depression, she must step away from silly home remedies and must not indulge in emotional eating.

After the due date has passed, it is important for the pregnant woman to get herself admitted for delivery via cesarean or normal. On the other hand, pregnant women should understand that passing the due date is a normal thing, as it happens to almost every second or third woman.

Take a look at what a pregnant woman should not do post the due date:

Things Pregnant Women Should Not Do

Taking Too Much Of Stress - Pregnant women should not undergo any stress during the entire period of nine months. Stress is a silent killer and is one of the causes for miscarriages and still born births. Keep stress at bay by doing yoga. It is a perfect exercise for the mind and the body.

Following Ridiculous Home Remedies - Pregnant women should not follow home remedies to induce labour pain on their own past the due date. It is best and safe to go according to what the doctor suggests, instead of trying grandma therapies.

Things Pregnant Women Should Not Do

Over Exercising - It is believed that exercising rigorously at the end of nine months is good for the mother and the child. You should know that over exercising will cause harm to the baby and the mother too. Exercise in moderation is always the best.

Eating Too Much - Emotional eating should be avoided if the due date has passed. Emotional eating makes the pregnant woman lethargic and inactive, which is dangerous at the time of labour.

Things Pregnant Women Should Not Do

Getting Depressed - Depression can cause harm to the mother and the child. Experts suggest that pregnant women should save themselves from all types of depression as it is not good for the child in the womb. Depression will make the pregnant woman ignore herself and this affects the unborn child too.

Overdoing The Chores- After the due date has passed, pregnant women should take some time off and relax their mind and body. Overdoing the chores at home will make one feel tired, which is not good at the end of nine months.

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