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How To Take Care Of Pregnant Wife?

Pregnancy demands extra care and attention. It is a state in which women are emotionally weak and some times disturbed. Spouses must understand them and their behavior at this crucial time.

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In pregnancy due to hormonal changes there are mood swings. Pregnant lady feels bouts of joy and happiness and at the same time they are depressed.

How To Sleep During Pregnancy

Spouses need to support them and show their care and sympathy. This will be good for their baby as sometimes pregnant lady can get more emotional and stressed. Stress can harm the baby in many ways.


Be Gentle To Her

Even if she is rude to you and others, you have to show extra care and calm her down. There are both physical and mental changes during pregnancy. Understand her state of mind by providing her comfort and love.


Get Knowledge About Pregnancy

You must read some books or browse on net regarding pregnancy. This will help you to understand her pregnancy in a a better way. This will enable you to take proper care of her.


Accompany Her To The Doctor

This gives her emotional and moral support. You must know the dates of appointment and put reminders for doctor's visit.

You must enquire about the health of your wife and progress of pregnancy to her doctor. This will give her a mental comfort.


Plan Her Baby Shower

You can plan a surprise baby shower for your wife. This will overwhelm her with happiness and pleasure. She will feel cared and well protected. This will also give her a change from the regular routine.


Manage Her Stress

You must understand her pregnancy related stress and ease her. You can ask her regarding the thing that is stressing her out. Talk to her and try to solve her concerns regarding pregnancy. You are the only support she needs at this time.


Help Her In House Hold Chores

You must go in kitchen and help her there. This will relieve her stress and anxiety. You can also relieve her from work burden and she will be both mentally and physically comforted.


Keep An Eye On Her Diet

You must know what she eats and what not. Convince her to eat healthy foods and avoid foods hat can harm her. For this you need to have an information regarding this. This will make her think that you care and will boost her happiness.


Show Patience

When she gets angry and irritated, surrender before her and stop arguing. Arguing with your wife can release stress hormones in her body that can harm baby and even your pregnant wife. So be extra patient with your pregnant lady.

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