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Habits Pregnant Women Should Stop

By: Ajanta Sen
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Are you expecting? Pregnancy means a lot to a woman, especially if she is expecting and experiencing it for the first time. We all have some weaknesses when it comes to our lifestyle.

Some women may be crazy about cakes and ice creams, whereas others may have a fetish for smoking or alcohol.

Different women have different liking and they crave for different things; however, when it comes to pregnancy, you have to think about your baby too.

You have to keep in mind that once you get pregnant, whatever you eat or drink is going to affect your baby too. Thus, keeping this in your mind, it becomes very necessary to follow a balanced lifestyle during pregnancy.

You must chuck out your bad habits and adopt all the good habits that are going to benefit your child in the future.

Smoking, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, junk foods and fast foods are some of the bad habits pregnant women should let go off. In order to stay away from these bad habits, you should start practicing it from the day you decide to conceive. Kicking the bad habits will be better for both you and your baby’s health.

Bad Habits pregnant women should let go off

Smoking is one of the numerous bad habits pregnant women should let go off. Smoking has bad effects on the baby’s lungs because when you smoke you are exposing your baby to nicotine, tar and carbon dioxide.

Moreover, smoking can also cause an early delivery and neonatal problems. Smoking also affects the overall growth of your baby.

Bad Habits pregnant women should let go off

One of the many bad habits pregnant women should let go off is the caffeine intake. According to studies, caffeine is risky for pregnant women, as its intake can increase the possibility of miscarriage.

Thus, if you are taking above 2 cups of coffee on a daily basis during your pregnancy, you should immediately stop it because it can result in a bad foetal growth, and sometimes premature labour as well. Instead of coffee, you can take herbal tea which is safe.

During pregnancy one of the most important things that pregnant women should stop doing is including a lot of sugar in their diet. Researchers say that eating sugar in abundance can lead to sweet tooth in your baby.

Moreover, some studies also say that pregnant women who are inclined towards sweet stuff during their pregnancy may have a greater risk of getting diabetes in the later stages of their lives. To satiate your sugar cravings, you may go for strawberries instead of binging on cookies.

Bad Habits pregnant women should let go off

Alcohol is one of the many bad habits pregnant women should let go off. Boozing can have adverse effects on pregnancy because it can increase the possibility of a miscarriage and can also cause premature delivery.

Alcohol can damage the nervous system and brain of the foetus. Alcohol can also lead to inborn heart defects and mental retardation.

Bad Habits pregnant women should let go off

Junk Foods
Munching on junk foods is one of the worst things that pregnant women should stop doing. Pregnancy is all about following a balanced and nutritional diet, which is quite necessary for your baby’s growth.

So, if you think that you can gorge on pizza, burgers and other fried stuff during your pregnancy, you are completely wrong. According to studies, pregnant women who binge on junk foods have an increased probability of having obese babies.

Hence, quitting the above bad habits during pregnancy will not only give you a healthy baby, but it will also bless you with a happy motherhood.

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