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Foods That Celebrities Eat When They Are Pregnant

By Pooja Kaushal

Pregnancy is a special phase in every woman’s life. Carrying a new being means taking extra care of oneself. After all, the baby’s health is directly related to the mother’s. During these months a lot of care is required and a proper diet very important.

Celebrities are no exceptions and general pregnancy rules apply to them also. But a lot curiosity revolves around what celebrities eat when they are pregnant.

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Celebrities are, in most cases, physically fit and a have a body that every woman envies. So when it comes to pregnancy their diets attract a bit too much of attention. Every woman wants to know how the celebrities stay so much in shape even in their pregnancy stages. And post pregnancy when they lose all the baby fat in a matter of months there is increased inquisitiveness.

The eating habits of celebrities while they are pregnant and post-delivery may surely be a matter of interest for many but before we go into celebrity eating habits let us take a look at what a healthy pregnancy diet should include.

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What You Need To Eat When Pregnant

In pregnancy the food that you eat is not just for yourself but also for the health of the baby. But this does not mean that you need to eat for two. This is a big misconception. All at that you are required to do is eat fresh, healthy and wholesome. Your diet should include the following:



It is very important to have a healthy digestive system and this need can be fulfilled by a fiber rich diet. Fiber in food will give you a good digestive system which in turn will help maintain good health - both mental and physical.



Taking ample amount of iron is very important during pregnancy. Not only do you need it for the growing baby but also to maintain healthy levels of hemoglobin.



The importance of proteins is always emphasized upon at all stages of life. The growing baby in the womb is also in great need of protein. But when having meat make sure that you thoroughly cook it.


Vitamins And Minerals

Who does not know the importance of vitamins and minerals? These components help maintain good overall health. When had is proper quantity during pregnancy the baby is sure to be a healthy.

The ingredients available in the market will remain the same even when a celebrity goes shopping but the eagerness to know what celebrities eat when they are pregnant always persists. Given here are some of the ingredients that celebrities make sure to add to their plates in order to stay healthy and fit even in the pregnancy days.


Whole Grains

Whole grains are complex carbs which are good source of energy. These include whole wheat, oats, quinoa and brown rice.


Dairy Products

Calcium is necessary for every woman and during pregnancy the baby too needs a lot of it. Making sure to include dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt and buttermilk helps fulfill this purpose.


Coconut Water

Eating habits of celebrities while they are pregnant are sure to include coconut water. This fresh and healthy drink is packed with nutrition and also helps maintain a good digestive system. It makes a refreshing drink minus empty calories.



An egg is a meal in itself and celebrities well recognise this. Many of them begin their day with eggs. It could be two eggs but only the yolk of one. Too much of yolk may not be good for the baby or the mother.



Fruits are loaded with vitamins and minerals & it also has the added advantage of fibre. When listing what celebrities eat when they are pregnant fruits are sure to be there.


Vegetable Juices

Fruits may be too sweet but the vegetables are not. Having juices of vegetables like carrots, spinach, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, etc adds up the vitamins and mineral levels plus provides ample amount of fibers.



Proteins are a must for the growing baby and for the well-being of the mother and so the inclusion of beans in the diet becomes imperative. These beans are mostly consumed cooked as raw beans tend to cause a little upset in the stomach. Hummus is what many include in their diets as a side dish, spread or dip.

Celebrities do have a ‘perfect' body to flaunt but pregnancy is an all new game. During pregnancy the basic aim should be to maintain good health and not a good figure. Once the baby is born every woman can get back to a workout regime to regain a lost figure. It is not a bad idea to know what celebrities eat when they are pregnant but one should respond to the demands of one's own body.

Story first published: Wednesday, May 20, 2015, 1:01 [IST]
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