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Effects Of Consuming Ajinomoto During Pregnancy

By: Purvi Sirohi Singh Tara
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Effect of Ajinomoto during pregnancy has been highlighted in the last couple of years due to ample of complaints by users and researches conducted hence forth to validate them.

Ajinomoto is made from an active ingredient of MSG or Monosodium Glutamate. This “MSG” is a distinct flavour that most of us have experienced most commonly in the tasty Chinese food treats. It is also associated with a number of Asian food ingredients as well.

List Of Safe Foods During Pregnancy

Though not harmful to everyone, Ajinomoto might be a cause of concern to many especially during pregnancy. One might have to be more careful if one is prone to allergies.

Ajinomoto or MSG can cause severe health problems ranging from headaches to strokes in people of all age groups and both the sexes. However, extra precaution is required during the period of pregnancy as it may prove harmful to the mother as well as the foetus developing inside her womb.

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It is not essential that one might not be harmed by MSG if there have been no side effects of the same previously. One can start experiencing them at any point of time during the pregnancy if its consumption is not stopped completely or at least regulated properly. Some major ill effect of ajinomoto during pregnancy is as under:


Faulty brain development in the fetus

The intake and dangers of ajinomoto during pregnancy revolves around the degeneration of brain cells or faulty brain development in the fetus.


Heart problems

Intake of MSG in unregulated or excess quantities can lead to severe pain in chest, high blood pressure, high pulse rate which is directly related to the health of one's heart and most dangerously it can even lead to cardiac arrest in pregnant women due to the already existing excessive pressure on the heart adding to the dangers of ajinomoto during pregnancy.


Excessive Glutamate levels

MSG as brought out earlier contains Glutamate. Excessive intake of MSG shoots up these levels of Glutamate by about 10 percent which is very harmful and dangerous for our nervous system.


Adverse Effect on the Nervous System

Ajinomoto containing MSG has ingredients which are neurotransmitter excitatory. Excessive intake of Ajinomoto will lead to over stimulation of the nervous system resulting into an imbalance in neurotransmitters which in turn will have adverse effect on the body.



Excessive intake and effect of Ajinomoto during pregnancy may even lead to the adverse conditions of sterility because of its ingredients.


Severe Chronic Diseases

The ingredients of Ajinomoto can cause and aggravate painful chronic illnesses like Thyroid, Asthma, Diabetes and Allergies among the mothers and fetus.



Ajinomoto is addictive in nature if had regularly and in excess. Its ingredients have an effect on Pancreas gland of the human body which releases certain fluids which is in turn responsible for making one feel hungrier and thus resulting into overeating and finally obesity.


Harmful to Eyes

Ingredients of Ajinomoto can have harmful effect on your eyesight as it can damage the eyes retina beyond treatment. It can even lead to partial and in severe cases to complete blindness.


Minor Side Effects

Though very normal but still to be careful of during pregnancy are the side effects of nausea, weakness, dehydration and excessive sweating. The Effect of ajinomoto during pregnancy given above is just a few but, can cause major harm to the mother and baby.

Hence, it is advisable to avoid excessive intake of ajinomoto at all times and should be completed avoided during pregnancy.

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