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Benefits Of Eating Saffron During Pregnancy

By: Ajanta Sen
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You can call it ‘Zafran' or ‘Kesar', but saffron will remain the king of spices forever. The use of saffron is not anything new. It has a history of usages in medicine and Ayurveda. For pregnant ladies, there are lots of benefits of saffron. If you ask your grandmother or any elderly women, you will realise that they would recommend saffron for pregnant women mainly to have a fair-skinned child.

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Though such beliefs are nothing but myths, there are several medicinal benefits of eating saffron during pregnancy. Saffron can digest well and also improve appetite. You just need to know the right dose to have it. You can consult your physician about it. Usually, saffron has medicinal values to cure asthma, male infertility, erectile dysfunction etc. But do you know what saffron does to you during pregnancy?

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Actually, there are many benefits of eating saffron during pregnancy. You can take a pinch of saffron with milk twice a day. Also, put some saffron strands while cooking. But when can you take saffron while you are carrying? Experts suggest taking saffron from second trimester. But you have to be cautious while buying it, especially when you're pregnant. Never buy unpacked kesar from grocery shops. Your health should be the only priority. So, how does saffron help during pregnancy? Read on...


1. Helps In Digestion

During pregnancy, indigestion is a very common problem. If you keep saffron milk in your diet, this problem can be solved to a great extent. To soothe gastrointestinal acidity, saffron works the best.


2. Reduce Blood Pressure

This is one of the benefits of eating saffron during pregnancy. During pregnancy, your blood pressure fluctuates a lot. Use saffron in cooking. It relaxes your muscles and works as uterine stimulant.


3. Decrease Morning Sickness

Pregnant ladies get irritated with morning sickness. They often nauseate and feel dizzy. Instead of taking anything else, go for saffron tea. The aroma can enliven your mood and dismiss the morning fiend.


4. Prevent Anemia

Due to the properties like iron, saffron is capable of making red blood corpuscles. Most pregnant ladies go anemic during this time. Therefore, regular dose of saffron can boost hemoglobin and solve the problem.


5. Encourages Sleep

Saffron works as a mild sedative. Sleepless nights are a regular companion to pregnant ladies. You can take a glass of saffron milk before going to bed. You will surely get positive results. Relaxed sleep is much needed this time.


6. Fights Allergies

What are the benefits of eating saffron during pregnancy? During pregnancy, you may face lots of allergic attacks like itching, skin rashes, cough and cold etc. You can use saffron. If you've fever, apply saffron and sandalwood paste to lower the temperature.


7. Movement Of Baby

A pregnant lady feels the baby movement after five months. You can feel it better after having saffron milk. As saffron increases your body heat, your baby starts to move. Therefore, it is also suggested not to have saffron too much.


8. Works On Pain

You can't ignore this benefit of eating saffron during pregnancy. The anti-spasmodic properties in saffron prevent joint, back and stomach pain. Saffron is also helpful in increasing milk production.

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Story first published: Monday, November 2, 2015, 6:03 [IST]
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