Protect Male Fertility: Tips

When was the last time you hears about male fertility? There are many things which people talk about women and how to keep their fertility check in place, but men often go unnoticed for it is always believed that women is the main cause for if something goes wrong when it comes to getting pregnancy. But, little do people know that just as important as women are in the pregnancy field, men too have a certain stand where they need to protect their fertility and keep themselves healthy.


There are some ways in which you can protect male fertility. If you follow these fertility tips, at the time of family planning, you will have no problems in conceiving a healthy baby boy or girl. You must know that in most cases of male infertility it can be resolved either by treating the problem or using fertility treatments which is the second option as it can be out of your budget. To avoid all these problems, the one thing which you can do is to protect your male fertility in the most simplest ways.

Boldsky has provided to you some of the ways in which you can now protect male fertility. Follow these simple tips ritually and you will see the difference.

Keep them cool

According to experts, it is said that at all times you should try to keep the testicles at room temperature. There is evidence to show that very high temperatures can actually impair male fertility. Men should avoid too much exposure of saunas, hot tubs and even placing their laptop on their lap while working, to protect male fertility.

Opt for loose inner wear

It is very essential to opt for loose inner wear at all times. Tight underwear is not only uncomfortable but can also cause damage to the testicles.


Type of underwear

The type of underwear also makes a difference. To protect male fertility, always make sure to opt for underwear which is made out of cotton. Stay away from spandex as it might be harmful to the testicles which produce thus preventing it to produce healthy sperms.


If you have problems in the bedroom and depend on lubricants, then make sure to opt for lubricants which is sperm friendly. Most of the lubricants sold in the market, kill ejaculated sperm, so be wise when choosing.

Smoke Out

This is one of the most and very important ways you can protect male fertility. If you are planning to have a baby, make sure to quit this bad habit.

Play safe

If you are a sportsman, it is very important that you protect your 'family jewel'. Play safe in the game you are involved with and make sure you take a lot of protection too. This is one of the ways in which you can protect male fertility, but preventing harm.

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