Foods That Cause Gas During Pregnancy

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Gastric problems are something that we all suffer from. Be it for a newborn or adult, there are many foods that causes gastric problems. Even improper eating habits like swallowing air while chewing can cause gastric problem. There are various foods that causes gas when consumed during pregnancy. Even breastfeeding mothers suffer from gastric problems because of these foods.

Foods that are rich in starch, fiber and sugar leads to many digestive problems. These foods causes gas, bloating and also leads to improper bowel movements. During and after pregnancy, women are advised to be careful on what they eat. To treat gastric and improper bowel movements, pregnant women often asked to consult a doctor.

Following a healthy diet that excludes gas causing foods can avoid unwanted medications. Not all foods can lead to gas among women. So, here we give you a list of gas causing foods that women must avoid during their pregnancy. This list contains gas causing foods that are not just applicable to pregnant women only but to lactating mothers as well.

Gas causing foods to avoid during pregnancy:



Although apples are effective in improving digestion, they contain pectin (a carbohydrate) that can lead to gas.



For many pregnant women, cabbage is one of the gas causing foods. It is considered as a gas causing vegetable that can slow digestion and also lead to heartburn.



Beans is also considered as a gas producing food as it contains raffinose. But, beans are healthy and nutritious so, pregnant women should try to have it inmoderate amounts. Soak for 8 hours and washed thoroughly so that the beans can be de-gassy.


Fried foods

They are fried in processed oil and are difficult to digest. That is why, fried and fatty foods like meat or french fries should be confronted especially during pregnancy to avoid gastric problems.



For many pregnant women, radish causes smelly gas. Apart from radish, onions, turnips and green peppers also cause bloating and gas during pregnancy.


Soft drinks

Carbonated beverages like cold drinks cause bloating and gastric problems. Unwanted air enters the digestive tract thus worsening the situation. So, avoid it during pregnancy.


Brussel sprouts

Cruciferous vegetables are filled with nutrients and vitamins, however they cause gas and bloating too!



Potatoes are filled with starch. This slows down digestion and makes the bacteria in colon (larger intestine) break down the undigested food thus causing gas.



Pregnant women must avoid cheese. It not only causes gas but has bacteria that can be harmful for the growing foetus. Avoid soft, mould-ripened cheese and blue-veined cheese.



Very few people can digest corn kernels easily. If consuming corn causes unwanted gas or stomach pain, exclude it from your diet.



The water-rich vegetable can also cause gas. Most commonly, cucumbers cause belching. Pregnant women should avoid eating cucumbers if it causes gastric problems.

Story first published: Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 20:21 [IST]
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