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Eighth Month Pregnancy: Week By Week

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Eighth Month Pregnancy
Eighth month of pregnancy starts from the 31st week and continues till 34th week. Eighth month is the second last month of the third trimester. To know what are the changes in eighth month, here is a week by week pregnancy analysis to help you cope better.

Eighth month of pregnancy; week by week:

Week 31:

  • Baby's nerve endings in his ears are connected now and can hear distinct sounds. Try talking to your growing baby.
  • Your abdomen will be hidden by the growing uterus. During the eighth month of pregnancy, the woman puts on 21-27 pounds!
  • Baby measures about 41cm from head to toe (1.5 kg weight)

Week 32:

  • Your baby measures around 43cm (1.8 kg weight). The baby not only kicks but also moves around.
  • The breasts can secrete a yellowish fluid. It is nothing dangerous. It happens few weeks before delivery and is preceded by milk production.
  • Drink plenty of water and juice to stay fit. Your back and ankle pain can increase more so relax. It is best to lie on your left side.

Week 33 of eighth month of pregnancy:

  • The baby measures about 44cm from head to toe (1.9 kg weight). Baby begins to move less now its knees bent, its chin resting on the chest and its arms and legs crossed.
  • The expecting mother puts on 22 and 28 pounds (10-13kg weight). 
  • It is safe to make love with your partner but it is best to avoid lovemaking.

Week 34:

  • Now the baby measures about 46m from head to toe (2.2 kg weight). The baby starts settling in the head-down position. 
  • The body organs of the baby except the liver are developed by the eighth month of pregnancy. The baby has hair now and movements are impossible due to lack of space. The skin colour of the baby changes from pink to red. 
  • Uterus hardens and contracts , preparing for labor. The pelvis expands and the back ache can increase. The belly button can come out due to abdomen stretch in this week.

These are the week by week changes in the eighth month of pregnancy.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 15:50 [IST]
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