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Manage Labor Pain In Easy Ways!

By Anjana NS

Being pregnant is a wonderful part of life for a woman. She undergoes the royal treatment by everyone in the family and made the center of attraction makes a pregnant woman feel ever so special during this time.

When I got pregnant two years ago, the only thing that I feared was how will I prepare myself to give birth to the child inside me, What will happen on the day when I get my labor pain, Will my baby be safe, etc. Common questions like these are asked by every pregnant woman and indeed we are all nervous when the due date is close!

However here are a few tips on how to manage labor pain, it helped me in ways I cannot even imagine, so if you are a happy yet scared pregnant woman, read on and fear no more.

1.The essential step to manage labor pain is to first understand that every mother has gone through this phase and it is normal. In most hospitals, doctors prescribe medication so that the pregnant woman does not feel this tremendous pain. However, it is once in a life time experience so hold yourself together and relax your mind first.

2.In most of the movies, you would have seen that doctors tell the pregnant woman to breathe heavily with short spans. This is a good way to manage labor pain and the most important too. Heavy breathing during contractions will help you gain ease of yourself.

3.My sister, who was alone at home ,waiting for her husband at the time of labor really did not know what to do. When she contacted her doctor, he told her to manage labor pain by pouring warm water over her body or just relaxing in a tub filled with warm water and breathing continuously when she came across the contractions. This really helped to reduce the pain to some extent till her husband came home and took her to the emergency.

4.Body massage does wonders. Your husband can be the best person at the time to help you manage labor pain. It is said that the husband or the support of a best friend sitting beside you and rubbing the back in upward motion can reduce pain for a pregnant woman.

These are some of the basic tips in helping a pregnant woman, go through this delicate phrase!
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Story first published: Friday, March 18, 2011, 14:39 [IST]
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