Countering Body Odour During Pregnancy

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During Pregnancy
One of the most embarrassing pregnancy symptom is the nauseating body odour. The odour many times is a serious turn-off to the people around. Inspite of bathing frequently and applying strong smelling lotions and perfumes, the odour cannot be suppressed all through the day. Today, we will discuss about the body odour symptoms and cure during pregnancy. Take a look.

It is somethings not very serious as the body undergoes change during the baby development stage. Over eating and medicines may be a reason for the bad body odour. One thing that women during pregnancy need to understand is that the body odour is just like any normal change during the stage so there isn't any need to feel embarrassed. Thinking about coping with the problem is the way to feel positive.

Why Bad Odour?
During pregnancy, the body produces a hormone called estradiol in higher levels which leads to a pungent and strong odour. Your nose may be recognising a different odour in your body before and after you got pregnant but it is the part of the process.
Your armpits and genitals (vaginal odour) are the two areas that predominantly trigger smell. Sometimes even lactation may result in a peculiar odour.

Does Sweating Increase During Pregnancy?
Yes, sweating increases during pregnancy as there is a rise in the body temperature and weight gain. Which is why papayas are asked to avoid during motherhood as it will rise the temperature even more and may harm the unborn baby.
Eating more of citrus and drinking good amount of water can maintain temperature as well as control the body odour.

Is There A Need To See A Doctor?
If the body odour is due to bacterial or fungal infection then there is definitely a need. The excess body odour, may lead to irritation and rashes that needs to be treated immediately.

Home Remedies
Wear loose washable cotton clothes during pregnancy. Choose mild talcum powder that are anti bacterial and fungal. Baking powder, cornstarch powder can be good alternatives for talc.
Adding a few drops of lemon to a bucket of water and bathing in it will reasonably prevent the bad body odour.

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