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Traveling While Pregnant-Advices

Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling. Most pregnant women feel very lucky to carry their beautiful child in their womb.

For some women, being pregnant can tend to get very irritating as they face a lot of problems and difficulties.

For most women, who have started to venture in mood swings, would like to go on a holiday with their partner. This can also help deal with pregnancy and have a good time with each other.

Traveling while pregnant can be risky if you take a few precautions and keep it in mind to avoid dangers as far as possible while being pregnant.

Here below is advice for pregnant women on traveling while pregnant.

1.It is very important not to travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy. Traveling while pregnant before the third semester will only increase the chances of miscarriage. It will also make you more prone to motion sickness.

2.Before traveling while pregnant, it is safer and better if you get yourself immune to deadly diseases which might be harmful to you and the child inside your womb.

3.The most important advice for pregnant women is to keep drinking a lot of water, especially if you are traveling by flight. It is said that pregnant women get dehydrated when they fly due to less humidity level.

4.Traveling while pregnant can make you feel uneasy, so it is important to sit in a seat where you will feel comfortable. If you are traveling by air, book a seat where you have good place to stretch your legs. If you are traveling by car, see to it that your legs are not cramped, good circulation of blood flow should be in the legs.

5.When you are traveling for long distances and for hours, and advice for pregnant women is to take regular intervals. Do not sit all the time, make sure that you take breaks to walk to the restroom or take a small walk after you eat something extra. If you are traveling by car, stop the car for regular intervals and stretch your limbs for good circulation.

These precautions need to be taken when you travel. It will secure yours and your baby's life.

Story first published: Thursday, December 2, 2010, 14:49 [IST]
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