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Excellent Tips For Changing Nappies

If you are new to changing nappies for your baby, it might look like a challenging task. But gradually, you will get used to the whole process of changing nappies. You and your partner would surely enjoy it gradually and you can also take turns and do the job together. In fact, expecting parents should start looking at some tips for changing nappies so that they can train themselves before the baby is born.

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Parents must remember something: it is very important to change the nappies frequently. If you ignore the hygienic aspects, the bacteria in the excreta may cause skin irritation to your baby and this may turn into a rash later on. Parents must be attentive at least during the first few months to the first couple of years. Now, let us discuss a few tips for changing nappies.

Tips for changing nappies

The number of nappies
You might need to buy nappies in stock as newborn babies urinate almost every hour. You have to keep changing the nappy every time your baby excretes. If you are planning to go for the disposable ones, you will need at least 10-12 nappies a day.

Disposable Vs reusable
Depending upon your convenience, you can choose any type of nappy. But most people prefer the disposable ones. In fact, during the initial days, disposable ones are convenient until you get used to the whole thing. But as far as the costs are concerned, cloth nappies prove to be better. They also come in several designs. You can also buy some gloves for changing nappies. That would be more hygienic.

What about baby rash?
Babies do develop rashes during the age of 9-12 months. As your baby's skin tends to be sensitive, a rash is likely to appear due to the irritation that happens because of moisture. So, you must ensure that your baby is dry by immediately changing the nappy as soon as your baby excretes. Also, before you put on a new one, ensure that your baby is clean. Never apply talcum powder. Instead, ensure that the air circulation is proper.

Other accessories you must keep handy
Apart from knowing about the procedures of changing nappies, you must know about something else too. When you have a baby at home, you might also need certain other accessories along with nappies. They are wash clothes, cloth wipes, tissues, nappy sacks, cloth bags to place all the nappies and some ointments to deal with the skin irritation when a rash appears.

When to change the nappy
You must know about the routine for changing nappies. Whenever your baby urinates, you can change the nappy. Also, you can change after every meal. Some babies can tolerate moisture, so you might need to change the nappy less often. Also, if you are using the disposable ones, you don't need to worry much about the moisture as they stay dry due to their potential to absorb moisture fast.

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