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    Health Effects Of Having A Cesarean Birth

    By Staff

    The past few decades have seen an increase in the number of cesarean births. According to an estimate one in every four women goes for a cesarean delivery and many among them opt for scheduled cesarean even without any medical necessity without knowing and understanding about the side effects of cesarean which both the mother and the child may have to face in the future.

    A cesarean section delivery is a major surgery which is done by making an incision in the wall of the abdomen and the uterus and just like any other major surgical procedure this too has ample risks of its own to be considered before opting for it.

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    Women have not been very much aware of how cesarean may affect their child’s health. A child having a surgical birth is not able to come in contact with the bacterial molecules present in the birth canal which help in boosting up the immunity system of the baby. This is just one of the problems that a child born by a c-section surgery has to manage through.

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    Even though it has often been considered that a c-section is more hazardous for the mother as it takes her longer to recover and she loses almost double the amount of blood than in a normal delivery but researches have started to confirm that it is a lot more hazardous for the child as the baby may have to suffer with a lifelong problem like asthma, diabetes and obesity.

    Different Health Effects Of Having A Cesarean Birth

    • Contractions during the labor help prepare the babies lungs for the respiration after birth.

    Children born through a cesarean may develop a number of breathing problem after birth. Research has also suggested that surgically born babies can develop asthma in the later stages of their life. It has been found that these babies have a certain kind of bacteria in their intestine which later can develop a massive risk of childhood asthma or other similar breathing problems and allergies. The lack of exposure to the microbes in birth canal interferes with the development of the immune system of the baby which drastically increases the gravity of the risk for the baby developing asthma and other allergies.

    Different Health Effects Of Having A Cesarean Birth

    • Numerous studies have shown that babies delivered via c- section were a lot more prone to develop childhood obesity. In a study more nearly have of the babies that were delivered by a surgical delivery were found to be either overweight or obese. Their body mass index has been found to be relatively higher than those babies who were born vaginally. The research was done considering the ethnicity, sex, baby’s birth weight, maternal age, breast feeding, gestational antibiotics and the type of delivery, ultimately coming to the conclusion that c-section does increase the risk of childhood obesity up to 46%.

    Different Health Effects Of Having A Cesarean Birth

    • Apart from the above two mentioned health problems another chronic disease the child may face is type 1 diabetes also known as juvenile diabetes, as they get older in their life; in fact the number is nearly 20% more when compared to the babies born normally. The possible cause may again be the under developed immunity system causing damaging of beta cells which produce insulin. This imbalance in insulin causes improper regulation of glucose levels in the blood ultimately leading to this disease.

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