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12 Breastfeeding Tips For Working Mothers


Many new mothers stop feeding their babies because they want to get back to work. There are an equal number of nursing mothers who quit their jobs because they do not want to wean their babies. Let us admit it at first, breastfeeding for working mothers is a tough job. But life cannot always be easy. So it is possible for nursing mothers to work if they can follow some simple steps.

Breastfeeding working moms need a schedule that they have to adhere to. And they also have to get their babies used to this schedule. There are many options available for working mothers today. You have to believe that you can do both because your commitment matters the most. Pumping breast milk at work is the best option but there are several other ways by which you can continue feeding your baby.


There is no replacement for mother's milk as far as your baby's health is concerned, so do not wean your baby early. Your career is also not optional for you, so try to hold on to your job as well. These breastfeeding tips for working mothers can help them to manage work and nursing at the same time.


Build A Solid Relationship With Your Baby

Use your maternity leaves to bond with your baby. You have to develop a working relationship with your baby so that you can get the most out of your time together.


Be Committed To Both

You need to be committed to nursing your baby and getting back to work equally. There will be days when you will be frustrated, you will leak milk from your breasts and you won't be able to finish your work target. But that is part of the deal. Don't let it pull you down.


Keep Feeding Time On Schedule

Breastfeeding working moms need to have a schedule while they are still at home. Your baby should ask for the feed every two or 3 hours for the first 6 months. Do not encourage in between feeding for comforting the baby.


Banish Anxiety

Banish the words ‘ifs' and ‘buts' from your vocabulary. New

mothers are always anxious about many things. For example, you may be worried if the baby will take the bottle or whether you will be able to pump enough breast milk for the baby.


Be Breast Pump Savvy

You have to learn to use your breast pump just as well as you use your phone or laptop. Make the breast pump a part of your life like other gadgets and that will really help breastfeeding working mothers to get back to office.


Eat Well To Keep Up Milk Supply

You cannot ignore your own health if you have to care for the baby and work in office. Have a wholesome diet to keep the milk supply up so that you baby gets enough breast milk.


Be On Your Toes

You have to learn to work faster. Be it your morning schedule of getting ready for work or eating lunch or even falling asleep; with a baby on your hands you need to speed up everything.


Discuss Pumping Options With Employer

Your office needs to provide you with a place where you can pump breast milk or feed your baby. You have to have a detailed discussion with your employer about your options.


Consider Working From Home

Many companies give new mothers the privilege to work from home. Do not misuse the work from home option but make the most of it.


Introduce The Bottle Early On

Start giving your baby expressed breast milk in a bottle from the first month itself. This will make your baby habituated to sucking milk from the bottle.


Freeze Breast Milk

If your baby sleeps for 4 hours at a stretch, you may have enough breast milk to store. So pump breast milk even at night and store it for the next day when you will be at work.


Choose Nearby Day Care

Choose a day care facility that encourages you to visit your baby for nursing. Also make sure that this facility is very close to your office.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 1, 2014, 4:04 [IST]
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