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Sacrifices By The New Mother & Father

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Are you a new mother or father? If so, then your journey of parenthood has just begun. You must be ready to sacrifice for the newborn now. A parent must always sacrifice for the benefit of the child. Your life will completely change after a child comes into your life. So, take a look at the check list of some sacrifices that you have to make as 'new parents'.

No Sleep- This is the worst sacrifice for the new parents. You might be used to a lot of rest before the child is born but after the delivery, you cannot even remember that when was the last time you have had a god night's sleep. Even if your child has a sound sleep at night, you have to wake up many times to check on the newborn. A new parent always has to keep checking if the baby is wet or properly covered. New moms have to breastfeed whole night at short intervals.

New Mother And Father

No Rest- Being a new parent you must get ready for some sacrifice. You have to be on your heels the entire day. You sometimes need to attend to the hygiene care of the baby and sometimes to the food. And at the same time, the new mother has to take sufficient care so that the baby does not fall out of the bed. A new father or mother hardly get any time to attend to their personal needs.

Privacy Issues- Want some private moments? Almost impossible after a child is just born right? As a parent you have to sacrifice all your private moments with your partner and give all the focus on your child. It all seems exciting at the first. But, slowly with time you miss all the romantic moments that you had spent with your partner prior to having a child.

Partner's Attention- If you are a new parent, be ready to sacrifice the attention of your partner for your child. A new mother and father can never pay the same attention to each other that they used to before. All the hangouts, shopping, party and movies must come to a halt now. Your whole world would be your child alone and that too is a wonderful experience.

Wanderlust- Do you love travelling? As a parent you need to sacrifice this thirst now. In case you do not do so then it is going to be very hectic for your child. You need to be more careful when you have a small baby with you.

So, get ready for these sacrifices if you are planning a child or are just a new mother and father.

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