Yoga Poses For Postnatal Weight Loss

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After childbirth, there is a lot on your mind. The baby and its welfare is obviously at the top of list. However, you cannot carry out all the duties of a new mother until and unless you are fit yourself. This is where postnatal yoga can help you. You can shed all the postnatal weight and also recover from the physical fatigue of childbirth by practicing some simple yoga poses.

But beware, not all poses of postnatal yoga may be doable for you. If you have had a C-section, then you should not start exercising before your doctor explicitly tells you to. These yoga poses not only help you lose postnatal weight but also build up your muscle strength.

Postnatal Yoga

The Tiger Pose: This is a very common pose of postnatal yoga suggested to women recovering from postpartum pain. You have to be on all fours (arms and legs) on the floor mat. Now fold one leg like a crouching tiger. Straighten this leg and bring it back to the folded position. Do 10 counts and move to the other leg. Most women pout on a lot of postnatal weight around their rear. This pose helps shape up the lower portion of the body.

The Cobra Pose: This yoga pose is usually called Bhujangasan and done to cure lower back pain. Women suffer from severe back pain after their delivery so this post-partum yoga posture is ideal for them. Lie flat on your stomach on the floor mat; press the pelvic region of your body on the floor and inhale deeply. Now raise your upper body a little. Make sure you distribute the strain of the lift evenly across your lower back.

The Triangle Pose: Trikonasana is another name for this yoga pose that helps lose belly fat from the sides of waist. It also stretches the pelvis. Stand with your feet as much apart as you can. Now bend to your left and touch the floor and raise your right hand up. Repeat the same the other way round. Do it for 10 counts in each side.

Son Of Brahma Pose: If you have pain in the abdominal muscles then Marichyasana I can actually help you. Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you. Now fold one leg and take it in the loop of your arms. Take your arms behind your back and interlace your fingers. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat the step with the other leg.

These are a few postnatal yoga poses that can help a new mother regain her muscle strength and also get back in shape. What other yoga poses did you try after childbirth?

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Story first published: Monday, November 26, 2012, 17:59 [IST]
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