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Delay In Periods After Delivery?

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After delivery, many women complain that they are not getting their regular periods. Some women get back to the regular period pattern in just few months after delivery whereas many women's period cycle disrupts completely. When you do not get your period for more than 6 months after delivery, you get tensed thinking that you are pregnant again. However, postpartum periods vary from woman to woman. What are the reasons for the delay in periods after delivery? Find out.

Reasons for postpartum periods delay:

Delay In Periods After Delivery?

Breastfeeding: Mothers who breastfeed their child have delayed periods. The more you feed your baby, the more your periods take time to come back to normal. It is because, Prolactin (hormone that produces breast milk) decreases ovulation thus stopping the chances of periods to return to normal cycle. This is nothing dangerous as breastfeeding is not the only reason for many mothers. Few women get their periods after 6-8 months. As long as you are breastfeeding, your periods will come late. When you stop giving breast milk, chances of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) will be felt.

Weight imbalance: According to many research studies, weight loss or weight gain in the postnatal stage also affects the period cycle. Thyroid or lack of nutrition delays postpartum periods. After delivery, you are breastfeeding and thus need more nutrition to become healthy and fit. Have fruits and green vegetables regularly to cope with this. Weight gain should be controlled through a strict yet nutritious diet and postnatal exercises.

Less or no ovulation: A breastfeeding mother will not get her periods on time or not at all for months. This is because prolactin (women hormone that produces breast milk) is the reason behind the delay in periods after delivery. Ovulation cycle has an impact on the menstrual cycle. If you are not ovulating, you will not get periods. If you give milk formula to your baby, chances of getting back postpartum periods is higher.

These are few reasons for the delay of periods after delivery. Be it a C section or a normal delivery, irregular or complete stoppage of periods is nothing unusual. Do not confuse post-delivery bleeding with periods. Immediately after the delivery, the lochia (a discharge from the uterine lining) is shed. This can continue for weeks or a month. It is not menstruation but post-delivery bleeding. If you are not getting periods even after 1 year of delivery, consult your gynaecologist. After delivery, once you start getting periods (more possible after leaving breastfeeding), your cycle will take time to get back to normal stage. You will get irregular periods (heavy or light bleeding). Sometimes, you will only get light spots. These are not dangerous symptoms as the ovulation is not regular after delivery and this can weaken the menstrual cycle.

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