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Ideas On Nursing Bras For Breastfeeding!

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Nursing Bras
Wearing nursing bras is a must for few weeks after delivery. To support heavy and filled breasts during breastfeeding, a maternity bra is regarded as the best option for breast care. To prevent the breasts from sagging, wearing maternity bras really help. Also breastfeeding becomes easy due to easy opening and closing hooks. Here are tips to select nursing bra and know the types of maternity bra which suits best for you!

Select nursing bras:

  • Don't buy too tight or lose fitting maternity bras. Tight bras can block milk ducts and lose-fitting can spoil the breast size and shape. Select a nursing bra which perfectly fits the breasts.
  • Go for cotton bras after pregnancy to allow the skin to breathe, soaks perspiration and left out milk immediately. Cotton bras with lining in the cup are also good for the skin.
  • Select few nursing bras with nursing pads in them to absorb milk especially if the milk flow is heavy.
  • Buy bras which can easily open the breasts for feeding and not just nipples. Breastfeeding becomes difficult.
  • Underwire bras has both advantages and disadvantages. These bras support the breasts and help them from getting out of shape but they are tight-fitting which can lead to blocked milk ducts. Sometimes you can wear but if your breasts are painful then leave it. Don't wear underwire bras at night.
  • Select nursing bras with soft cups as the tender and sore breasts can be comfortable in them.

Types of maternity bras:

Flaps: Nursing bras with flaps are easy to open and the mother can secretly breastfeed the baby. These flap bras are designed with cups which can be easily detached from the top. Taking out the bosom for breastfeeding is easy in these maternity bra type. It is best type to breastfeed in public places or in urgent situations.

Drop cup bras: This type of maternity bra is comfortable and quick to open. The hook on the front of straps help the mother breastfeed easily. The wider straps provide maximum support to the fuller breasts.

Zip bras: It is another type of maternity bra especially designed for breastfeeding mothers. Quick to open, these zip bras are great options when you are out with the baby and need to feed at public places.

Use these guidelines before you select the type of maternity bras after pregnancy.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 14:27 [IST]
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