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Children’s Day 2020: Creative Fancy Dress Costume Ideas For This Day In India

By Shabana
Children Day : Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids | फैंन्सी ड्रेस कॉप्टीशिन में बच्चे को दें ये लुक |BoldSky

Children are the most precious gifts of God. They are cute, adorable and can bring a smile on to anyone's face. Of course, that is just the one side of them, but we will choose to ignore the other naughty, messy and cranky side of them as of now.

A home is not considered to be complete without the clitter-clatter of little feet running around. Our day begins with them getting up crying for not wanting to go to school and ends with them spilling milk around the house and nulling your efforts to give them a final dose of nourishment before they go to bed. However, we just cannot imagine life without these little monsters.

Children's Day is celebrated with a lot of fanfare in our country. All schools and educational institutions conduct programmes in order to enlighten the young minds of the importance of this day. Also, fancy dress competitions are commonly a part of the Children's day celebrations.

If your child's school is conducting a fancy dress competition, chances are you must have already started thinking of a few options.

Here are a few unique ideas for your child's upcoming fancy dress competition this Children's day. Take a look.


1) Representation Of God

This is the most popular fancy dress theme for your child. India is a land of many gods and they say that children are a representation of god. This makes this theme apt for any fancy dress.

Image Courtesy: Riddi R


2) Little Angel

The cutest fancy dress theme, this is perfect for your little angel. Imagine an angel dressing up as one. Your princess is surely going to be the cutest one in the whole kindergarten class. Be prepared for some serious compliments coming your way.

Image Courtesy: Siyaam


3) Baby Krishna

Yet another mythological theme, dressing up your child as Krishna will definitely let him/her ace the competition. He/she will all the more fit the bill of the Naughty Krishna, if he/she is as naughty as well.

Image Courtesy: Vibha


4) The Onam Style

India is a land of many cultures and religions. Here, we can see the south Indian tradition carried forward by this little girl. This look is simple and very appealing. Getting them to handle props like the diya will further authenticate the costume.


5) Saint/ Pandit

Here, the child is dressed as a saint/pandit, who is known to be very learned and a wise man. This particular dress is reminding us of the great saint - Dronacharya, who was considered the wisest during the Mahabharata era. This adorable costume is sure to win many hearts.

Image Courtesy: Atharv


6) Jain Couple

Here, we can see a boy and girl posing as an adorable Jain couple. This fancy dress idea shows about the different cultures prevailing in our society and all living together in harmony. Teaching the importance of tolerance towards other religions and cultures to our kids is very important.

Image Courtesy: Nikhil And Nikita


7) Modern Women

This fancy dress depicts the modern women in our society. Wearing a traditional saree with a sleeveless blouse yet bringing out a sense of tradition again with the nose pin, this look is absolutely stunning. It shows that the modern Indian woman is moving with the times, yet she hasn't forgotten her culture.

Image Courtesy: Aujasvi Sharma


8) Cutest Bride

Here is a picture of an adorable little angel dressed up as a bride. With the red lehanga, jewellery and alta, she is the cutest bride in the whole country, don't you think? This fancy dress theme is also simple but cute.

Image Courtesy: Aaira Azeen


9) Fairy Tale Characters

Fairy tales are a favourite among kids today. Here, we can see the girl dressed up as Tinkerbell, complete with a flower head-gear. Her costume is exactly on point. Kids do look very adorable when they dress up as their favourite fairy tale characters.


10) Unique Ideas

These are very quirky themes for a fancy dress competition. The child is dressed as a gas cylinder, windmill, etc., here. It is perfect for pre-teens to make them understand the concept of renewable energy and also of the importance of keeping their surrounding areas clean.

Such themes will inculcate the thought of being sensitive to Mother Nature.

Image Courtesy: Avyakth


11) Cutest Groom

Another cute way of dressing up your toddler. He looks like a quintessential South Indian boy dressed up in an expensive Kanchivaram. The mala and other accessories make the look more believable and the toddler more adorable. Don't you just want to carry him around, and give him the first prize for that matter?

Image Courtesy: Aryan Kamath


The Cutest Police Officer

Thanks to Bollywood, police officers have become our society's heroes. This cute little police officer is no less than our favourite film star on screen. The western concept of Halloween is increasingly catching up in our country. There are a lot of Halloween-themed parties everywhere. Here, we can see an adorable kid dressed up as a police officer. The various jack-o-lanterns placed everywhere give the place and the costume complete spooky vibes.

Image Courtesy: Vihaan Pandey