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Why Spanking Kids Is A Bad Idea

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A new study says that spanking kids is a very bad idea as it never helps in disciplining them. On the contrary, kids feel like going against their parents if they are spanked too much.

Why Spanking Kids Is A Bad Idea

Also, some kids develop anti-social behavior when severely spanked on a regular basis. More than a lakh kids were observed for decades as a part of this study.

Why Spanking Kids Is A Bad Idea2

Hitting kids in any form could make the kid aggressive or develop certain other mental health issues. Parents who would like to see their kids healthy, might need to stay away from spanking their kids.

Why Spanking Kids Is A Bad Idea3

In the study, kids who were spanked in order to keep them in discipline showed anti-social behaviour as they grew up. Also, some developed hatred towards parents and some of them developed inferiority complex and anxiety.

Why Spanking Kids Is A Bad Idea4

Though many parents believe that it is the only way to keep kids in discipline, this study proved them wrong. Also, health experts warned about severe effects in children if they are punished throughout their childhood.

Why Spanking Kids Is A Bad Idea5

There is no point in terrorising kids as love would do a better job in transforming them into healthy adults.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 12, 2016, 9:10 [IST]
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