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Why Raise Kids In Active Neighbourhoods

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A new study says that raising kids in active neighbourhoods can keep them physically active which is healthy. Having parks or markets near your place may help your kids stay active.

Why Raise Kids In Active Neighbourhoods

Some of the rich parents who try to raise their kids in lavish houses in posh areas where there are very less houses or activity around may miss this advantage.

Why Raise Kids In Active Neighbourhoods2

Yes, when we are surrounded by more people and activity, we naturally tend to be in the mood for activity. When we are surrounded by nobody and no activity, we tend to fall into inactive lifestyle naturally.

Why Raise Kids In Active Neighbourhoods3

Of course, this doesn't mean that we can't figure out a way to keep ourselves active irrespective of what we are surrounded by. But still, when your house is amidst an active neighbourhood filled with people, parks and markets, your kid will have more chances to observe the activity around and feel amused.

Why Raise Kids In Active Neighbourhoods4

In fact, most of the planned cities are built accordingly. The residential areas are planned in such a way that every street gets a children's play area, a market and few other amenities to socialise a bit.

Why Raise Kids In Active Neighbourhoods5

Devoid of all such facilities around your house, it might be a bit challenging to force yourself to be active. So, plan your house in such an area especially if you have kids.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 14, 2016, 8:03 [IST]
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