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Why Early-Life Learning Is Important For Kids

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A new study claims that the brain of children needs to be stimulated and activated much before the schooling phase in order to be ready for the learning process that starts with the academics.

Why Early-Life Learning Is Important

The memory power of the child will be better if the brain activity starts much before the schooling phase.

Why Early-Life Learning Is Important2

This study emphasises the importance of the brain development of kids during the first couple of years after birth. Yes, it is said to be a critical phase which could act like a foundation for the brain development of the kid.

Why Early-Life Learning Is Important3

When the brain of a baby isn't properly activated at that phase, it would be tough for the neurological system to properly develop and be capable of learning new things at the age of schooling.

Why Early-Life Learning Is Important4

That age is the phase when the hippo-campus in the human brain starts learning to process and store information. When that part of the brain stays inactive at that age, it would be tough for the baby to learn new things later on.

Why Early-Life Learning Is Important5

Researchers first observed the process in rats and discovered that storing and accessing memories tends to be better when the brain is properly activated during a very young age. This study could be a good solution to address learning disabilities in children in early childhood.

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