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Does Parental Pressure Make Kids Copy-Cats?

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A new study claims that parental pressure could be one of the reasons that could make kids copy in their exams.

What Makes Kids Copy-Cats

When parents force their kids to excel all the time without even bothering about their individual interests or capacities, children might develop a mindset where they try to win by hook or crook to escape the pressure.

What Makes Kids Copy-Cats2

Researchers say that some kids who fail to master their academics may even try to copy in the exams or may try other malpractices just to escape the pressure given by their parents.

What Makes Kids Copy-Cats3

As a apart of the study, researchers spoke to more than 2000 students who were caught in various examinations in various parts of the world and realised that the forces that motivated kids towards to malpractices are ambition and greed.

What Makes Kids Copy-Cats?4

In today's world, the drive to succeed at any cost is increasing. In fact, people would want to make easy money without working hard. And on the top of that, parents would want their kids to study well, and end up in high paying jobs.

What Makes Kids Copy-Cats5

When kids are forced beyond a limit and when they are clueless about what to do, they may try to embrace malpractices which is very unhealthy. Therefore, researchers urge parents to be more sensitive with their children when it comes to academics and their capacities.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 15:44 [IST]
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