10 Things As A Parent You Are Responsible For

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Children are like soft mud. The way you mould them, they will take that shape or form. Parenthood is not an easy job. It is a huge responsibility that comes upon you, as soon as you become a parent.

It is a parent’s job to bring up the child as a good human being. Text books won’t make them learn the lessons of life. They learn from what they see around themselves.

Mentioning only 10 things parents are responsible for can be quite tricky, as there are several things that a parent is responsible for about his/her child.

Actually, when your child grows up, he/she takes you as his/her role model.

You must have heard your kid telling his/her friends that “My Papa is the best”. Hence, you can’t afford to lose that respect of your kids. Being a parent, it is your duty to set examples for your baby.

So, what are the 10 things that parents are responsible for? Teach them the lessons of loyalty, integrity and trust.

Rather than controlling them like a puppet, if you let them take their own decisions, they will be able to face the challenges of life.

Also, you should not spoil them by bribing them. Your kid should learn to value the lessons rather than doing anything out of greed. So, here are some things that a parent is responsible for. Have a look:


1.Making Right But Tough Decisions:

You know what is the best thing for your child. So, you don't need to give any explanations while you're forbidding him/her from imitating whatever he/she sees on the television. "Do your homework, now" is enough to make your kid do it at once.


2.Making Them Independent:

While talking about the things that a parent is responsible about the child, it is one of the most vital points. Parents often get confused whether their children can cope up to the surroundings independently or not.

Remember, if today he/she learns how to deal with peer pressure, he/she can be able to say ‘no' to any serious issues like drugs in the future.


3.Making Them Responsible:

If your teenage child is doing something; he/she should be responsible to take the consequences of it. As a parent, it is your duty to fine tune them in such a way from childhood.

If you don't give him/her a chance to attempt anything, he/she won't be able to face the world when he/she grows up.


4.Holding Them Accountable:

If you're a new parent, these 10 things parents are responsible for will help you further. You should set some rule at your house and make your child maintain those.

"You can't watch T.V. until you complete your homework" in a firm voice, can make them do the right thing.


5.Building The Trust:

It is very important today while people are losing this from every relationship. You should make your relationship so lenient that your kid never hesitates to share anything with you, even his/her faults.


6.Staying Beside Them:

"I know my dad is there to solve the issue" or "I've my mom's shoulder to cry" gives your children immense peace when they go through any difficult situation.

Also, praise them at their any small achievement. This will encourage them to do better the next time.


7.Knowing Their Whereabouts:

Are you looking for effective 10 things parents are responsible for? Show interest. You don't need to be poky for this. Just ask your child about his/her friends or ask him/her to invite them to your house.

Thus, you can have a look on your kid and he/she will know that you're interested.


8.Making Them Realise The Value Of Truth:

If your kid realises you'll be furious to know his/her mistakes, he/she will try to hide it from you.

So, you should make them realise the value of honesty. If they don't have fear, they will tell you the truth. Make them realise how disastrous a lie can be.


9.Making Them Value What They Get:

This is a problem of today's world. They don't value things, relationships, or even life.

You definitely don't want your kid to be a valueless person, right? Teach them that they're lucky enough to get things, as there are people who are deprived of those things as well.


10.Doing Your Best:

To end the list of 10 things parents are responsible for, this is the best you can do. As a parent, you know what will be good for your child and in doing so, you're trying hard to make him/her a good human being in life. You may feel hazardous and confused at times, but that's just a temporary phase.

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Story first published: Sunday, January 31, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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