10 Secrets To A Happy Parenting

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Parenting is one among the most challenging but rewarding jobs. To become a good parent, you have to acquire certain specific characteristics.

You have to be caring, disciplined and patient. Most of the qualities that a parent needs will be acquired once you are into the process of parenting.

Happy parenting is easy, if you are executing the process in a well-planned and organised manner. There should be a mutual understanding between the partners as well.

For all children, home is their first school and parents are their first teachers.

So, the way how you design your attitude towards parenting has a great role in determining the personality of your child.

If you enjoy parenthood, you will experience happy parenting. Here, we will discuss more about the top 10 secrets to happy parenting.

Knowing this can help you make a self-analysis, to make any changes if you need more improvement in a certain area.


Secret #1: Patience

There will be times when your child will question your patience by unacceptable behaviours.

But, it is important for you, as a parent, to react with patience. Don't be aggressive when you scold or punish your children.


Secret #2: Care

Children will have a closely knit bond with their family, only if they feel that home is the safest place for them.

So, be careful, to show your love and care for kids. This is one among the top 10 secrets to happy parenting.


Secret #3: Discipline

Before asking your children to behave properly, you have to be well disciplined yourself. It is true that children will imitate their parents and will behave in the same way their parents behave in front of them.


Secret #4: No Violence

Violence at home is the worst thing that will spoil your children. If you are wise enough to handle things in a positive mind set, you will surely be one among the happiest parents.


Secret #5: Play With Them

Find some time to play with them. This will not only keep the children engaged, but will also make you happy and energetic. This is one among the effective 10 secrets to happy parenting.


Secret #6: Spend Time

Make sure that you are spending enough time with your children. This is important, even when you have a busy schedule, to keep the bond strong. This is one among the top 10 secrets to happy parenting.


Secret #7: Don’t Hit

If you think that you can discipline your child by hitting, know that you are in the wrong direction of parenting. Avoid hitting and try to explain the reason why you said 'no' or for the reason you're angry.


Secret #8: Respect Them

You have to consider your child as a different personality and have to respect his/her individual identity. This will help you enjoy a happy parenthood by being in harmony with your child.


Secret #9: Understand Their Development

It is important to understand the physical, mental and emotional growth of your child to enjoy happy parenting. This will also allow you to act and react in the same manner that your child understands.


Secret #10: Enjoy Parenthood

The best ever tip to experience happy parenting is to enjoy your parenthood. Do everything for your child with a whole heart and you will enjoy each and every moment with your child.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 6, 2016, 14:30 [IST]
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