What Makes You A Good Parent?

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Your employer expects you to have certain qualities. Before you were offered a job, you were asked whether you're a good listener, whether you possess team building skills and whether you can analyse the situation and estimate the future.

Well, surprisingly those are some of the qualities you need to have as a parent. In a recent study, many parents were asked about certain questions which involved the qualities that today's parents need to possess.

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A majority of them said that parents need to have almost the same qualities that corporate workspaces expect. In fact, some of them said that they're able to be better parents thanks to the training that they received in their offices.

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Problem Solving Skills
When you come home from office, the whole house is in a mess. Your kids have broken toys and have scattered everything on the floor. Your pet has soiled the carpet and torn some news papers.

Though parenting could be a joy, your daily life will be filled with lots of problems like the ones mentioned above. So, if you're a good problem solver, you can be a good parent.

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Team-Building Skills
As a family, you need to work together and coordinate well to get things done. The wife and the husband should be able to manage finances and administrative affairs of the home. Unless you are a good manager and a team player, running the house isn't possible.

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You need to be able to analyse things and estimate the future. How is your future going to be and will you be able to give comfort to your family? What are your preparations for the security of your family? Such thoughts need analysis and future planning.

What Makes You A Good Parent?

Listening Skills
Your son comes home from school and starts complaining how he was bullied in the school. But you are tired after coming from office. Will you be able to listen to your son's complaints? Well, you need to be a good listener when your kids tell you about their problems.

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Story first published: Friday, January 29, 2016, 11:00 [IST]
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