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Symptoms Of Social Anxiety In Children

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Social anxiety, also called social phobia, is a condition that is characterised by self-consciousness that goes beyond shyness. Children with social anxiety have an excessive fear of being misjudged or being evaluated negatively by someone.

Children with this disorder stay away from performing activities in schools. They often give excuses to avoid social gatherings and events. They are extremely worried about being ridiculed by someone.

This condition persists during elementary school. However, it is most prominently seen during the early adolescent phase of a child.

If the condition is not treated properly, it may lead to depression, isolation, difficulty in maintaining friendships and so on. However, it can treated with behavioural therapy and medications.

Social anxiety interferes with a child's day-to-day life as well. Therefore, parents should take their children to a psychologist if they notice any of the below-mentioned symptoms. Take a look at some of the symptoms of social anxiety in children.

Symptoms Of Social Anxiety In Children

Intense Sweating: You should be worried if your child keeps sweating tremendously, even when the weather is cold. This is seen when the child is at an event or going for any event. If this persists, then your child definitely has social anxiety.

Trembling: Trembling is another common symptom of social anxiety. This symptom can be seen when the intensity of the disorder gets heightened. The child may start trembling at the mention of going to a social event such as a wedding, birthday party, etc.

Self-consciousness: If you see your son/daughter engaging most of the time in front of a mirror, it is an indicative of self-consciousness. They are trying to look better in social gatherings. This is also one of the major symptoms of social anxiety.

Symptoms Of Social Anxiety In Children

Hiding And Low Self-Esteem: Children with social anxiety may also hide from a group or gathering. They may stay away from all the attention. They may also lack self-esteem. They have absolutely no confidence in whatever they do and often avoid regular activities in school such as school day or sports day.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 21, 2016, 18:01 [IST]
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