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Modern Sanskrit Names With Meanings For Babies Born In 2016!

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When we become new parents, one of our main concerns is picking the best name for our child, right? Well, if you want a modern Sanskrit name to name your baby, you have come to the right place!

Sanskrit is one of the most ancient languages known to mankind and it is believed to have been originated in India.

As a result, most Indian languages have Sanskrit as their foundation; and many words and phases in these languages are derived from Sanskrit.

Although, in the modern times, Sanskrit is a language which is not spoken or used much in everyday life, some of the Sanskrit words and phrases come with beautiful meanings and a lot of mythical significance.

So, a lot of modern parents these days are choosing Sanskrit names for their children, as they are unique and come with great meanings.

So, if you are new parents looking for good names for your child born in 2016, have a look at these modern Sanskrit names.

1. Ayog

Ayog means 'auspicious time', which is an apt name for a baby boy who can make the times more delightful!

sanskrit baby names

2. Amogh

sanskrit baby names

Amogh means 'precious'. This is a short, yet sweet, name for your precious little prince born in 2016!

3. Daiwik

sanskrit baby names

A great Sanskrit baby boy name includes Daiwik, which means 'born with the grace of the lord'.

4. Darsh

sanskrit baby names

If you are a devotee of Lord Krishna, 'Darsh' is a perfect name for your baby boy, as it is another name for Lord Krishna.

5. Rahas

sanskrit baby names

Rashas means 'delight', which is a lovely Sanskrit name for a baby boy who can make you life merrier.

6. Ranak

sanskrit baby names

Another Sanskrit baby boy name is 'Ranak', which means 'king', an inspirational name for your little king.

7. Aloki

sanskrit baby names

Aloki means 'brightness', which is a great Sanskrit name for your lively baby girl born in 2016.

8. Adhira

sanskrit baby names

A great Sanskrit baby girl name is 'Adhira', which means 'quick' that is an apt name for a sharp, intelligent baby girl.

9. Aayushi

sanskrit baby names

Aayushi means 'long life', an auspicious Sanskrit name for a baby girl born in 2016, which can be a form of a blessing.

10. Sidhi

sanskrit baby names

Sidhi means 'successful', which can be an inspirational Sanskrit baby girl name for your little princess.

11. Lekha

sanskrit baby names

Lekha means 'writings', a Sanskrit baby girl name that can inspire your girl to be more creative as she grows up.

12. Raaga

sanskrit baby names

Raaga is a sweet Sanskrit name for your baby girl, which means 'musical notes', an apt name for a baby who could grow up to be a musician!

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