Best Ways To Deal With Your Child's Tantrums

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If you have a young child or a toddler at home, then their tantrums and flare-ups wouldn't be new to you, right? Well, if you think they need to be disciplined, then you need to follow a few tips.

As parents, we witness their growth, both physical and mental, first hand, so we will also experience their different moods, as they grow up.

For example, your child, who was very quiet when he was a year old, may have suddenly turned into an indisciplined child who hardly listens to you a few years later.

Throwing things around the house, making a mess, not eating food which is given to him/her, demanding for toys, crying at the top of his/her voice if he/she doesn't get what he/she wants, etc., are all signs of a child who is prone to tantrums.

While it is natural for most toddlers to have tantrums, it can be quite hard for the parents to control them if it goes out of hand.

So, here are a few tips that can help you deal with your child's tantrums, have a look.


Tip #1

When children are having an outburst, ignore them for a while, until they calm down, as they may not be open to reasoning during a tantrum.


Tip #2

Tips to discipline your child include not giving too much attention to them during a tantrum, as they may make a habit out of it to get you on their side.


Tip #3

If your child is frustrated and is shouting, sometimes, let them get it out of their system, until they calm down.


Tip #4

Tips to discipline your child include giving them mild forms of punishment like grounding them, not giving them dessert for a week, etc.


Tip #5

If you want to calm down your child's tantrums, distract them by showing him/her a toy or by playing loud music, etc.


Tip #6

Tips to discipline your child include not using physical abuse as a form of punishment, as it can have a negative psychological impact.


Tip #7

If you want to calm your child during a tantrum, give them long, tight hugs, as it can do wonders claims a popular child psychologist.


Tip #8

Another tip to deal with your child's tantrums includes offering them their favourite foods when they are having an outburst.


Tip #9

Reward them with small gifts when they showcase ideal behaviour, this encourages them to stay away from tantrums.


Tip #10

Another tip to discipline your child is to use a calm, yet firm, tone while calming them down.


Tip #11

Avoid showing them that their tantrums have affected you negatively.


Tip #12

Take your child to a different place when he/she is having a tantrum, as this can distract them.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 22, 2016, 15:13 [IST]
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