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Are Your Children Scared Of Pets?

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Children are at first scared of animals and that is why some parents tend to hesitate to bring home pets. But you can gradually help your kids overcome the fear of pets.

Are Your Children Scared Of Pets

Though initially convincing your kids could get tough, gradually, things do change if you make your kids friends with animals by letting them know that pets don't harm.

Are Your Children Scared Of Pets2

Most of us were also scared of the unknown when we were kids but gradually we have coped up with irrational fears. It took time and the same applies to your children; they too need time.

Are Your Children Scared Of Pets4

Firstly, kids think that cats or dogs are dangerous because they don't know how harmless pets are. Remember that your kids are new to this world.
As soon as a baby comes into the world, he or she sees nothing else except the parents and can rely upon only the parents and nobody else.

Are Your Children Scared Of Pets4

Anything new the kid sees may look strange at first sight. Even strangers may first scare kids depending upon how they look.
Gradually, when your kid accustoms to life and knows more about the world around, he or she may realise what's harmful and what's not.

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Story first published: Monday, March 7, 2016, 8:05 [IST]
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