Kids Who Sleep Less May Eat More

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A sleepless child at night may give you more than one concern. A new study states that kids who seldom sleep properly might tend to eat more. This might increase the chance of childhood obesity.

Kids Who Sleep Less May Eat More

As a part of the study, researchers observed more than a thousand children and their behaviour. The observed children were around 16 months old and researchers continued the study till the babies reached 21 months.

Kids Who Sleep Less May Eat More2

Finally, researchers confirmed that babies who are getting lesser sleep (below 10 hours a day) are consuming at least 10% more food or (calories) than the ones who generally sleep for 13 hours.

Kids Who Sleep Less May Eat More3

This study is said to be almost the first study which really focused on kids who are below the age of three and determined that there is a link between how much babies eat and how much they sleep.

Kids Who Sleep Less May Eat More4

Till now, researchers are not yet full confident about the exact reason behind this changes in food intake but they are of the opinion that disrupted hormonal regulation due to insufficient sleep could be the reason.

Kids Who Sleep Less May Eat More5

Though the current studies might not be able to pinpoint the exact phenomena, researchers urge parents to monitor the sleep patterns of babies to avoid the risk of childhood obesity.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 8:26 [IST]
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